Thursday, January 31, 2008

These stormy days when the New Year Celebration in China is threatened and people have to stay indoors in Jerusalem because the palms as wel as the whole city is covered in snow, I was inspired to make this painting.

I chose to make it very blended because I did not wantt o make it dramatic. Still we hope that this extreme weather will not become the norm.

This is the third of my larger paintings this year and I'll probably explore the blended effects a bit more. The second one is also a blue blended one.

medium: oil on gallery wrapped cancas, painted on the sides so it is ready to hang
size. 50x60cm
p&p worldwide is included

This is one of mine that people probably either hate or love LOL

Been home from work today with a bad cold so this is one that I had fun making earlier this year. First day of not painting for a very long time. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Looking Sideways,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
p&p worldwide is FREE

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My son was kind enough to bring a cold into my house when he visited this weekend so today it is my turn to feel stuffed in the nose and unwell and have a runny nose.

But LOL nothing can stop me painting. I have painted almost every hour I can for the last weeks and tonight was no exception.

Delightful Bloom,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
$100 P&p worldwide is FREE

Update on bigger paintings
I have been working very hard looking into different styles and media and I am happy to tell you that I do believe I have something interesting to show you bit by bit over the next days and weeks.

Only problem with working on bigger canvases is that I definately need to find somewhere else to paint. Today I realised that my leather furnitures and cupboards and all kinds of things had got a taste of the oil paint.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I do love my blue landscapes and sice I also love the ocean and the mountains so naturally I am very pleased with this one. I plan on making mroe in a series focusing on the polar landscapes and the ice and the blue light.

I love my life as an artist but I must admit that some days are incredibly hard. The time is past 11 p.m tonight and I still have a couple of hours of preparation and rapport writing work to do before I can go to bed. Tonight that is hard. I am tired and not very motivated. I do not mind the work but giving it all to BOTH the painting and my job as a teacher, is a bit much sometimes.

Polar Seascape,
medium: oil on canvas panel,
size: 24x30cm

Finally I got down to it and started working on the larger canvases. I am still not on to the biggest but 60x80cm ( appprox 3ftx2.5ft) is stil large enough to force me to work differently. I need among other things to find out where and how to place the paintings while they dry. That needs to be somewhere where the cats can't get to them and where people do not sleep. LOL I need a larger house.
A few of you visiting my blog have told me how much they appreciated a bit of step by step so I will talk you through my painting of this one.
1. Step
I started by covering the whole canvas with a thin coat of socalled liquid white which is a thin layer of white. I did this because I knew that I wanted to blend out colours in this painting so I needed that to help smooth out the red. I wanted the blended look of the organic but I also wanted to play a bit on the modern fractal or digital patterns. Could I combine the organic and the digital? The old and the new? As you can see in the shape to the right which is rounded at the end kind of like a bone and the more angled other red parts I am also in the shapes in two worlds.
I then blocked out the basic shapes and lines. I had kind of planned to have a roundish part in the middle and to use lots of white on top of the reds.
I have not started playing with the inside and also I have smoothed out the whole painting. Nothing is now pure white anymore. In the end I ended up making all the parts more rounded.
4.step. More details, and more smoothing out over and over again.
5. step
I found out that I liked the shape of one of the "curved lines" and made it end into something similar to a viking ship head ( down to the left). I was real happy with that line.
6. step
Now I had to decide a bit more on a proper direction of this painting. Since I liked that "viking ship" shape I started turning the other shapes more into that direction. After having done two more I was sure how I wanted it to progress.
I wanted the parts to become layered and I wanted them to interact, to touch eachother, to be above or below each other - to meet and to turn in a kind of center area. I had to make the visual look logical to the eye. The lines of a curved shape had to seem to go on on the other side of a shape it lay behind.
8. step
The rest was adding layer upon layer of more red, smoothing it out and then adding a bit more after having walked some steps away to look at it. I did not wnat to go for the very realistic 3D roundness of the shapes but still I wanted some 3D and texture feel of it.
9. step
Doing details, doing the sides better. Very messy job because where are you to hold when everything is painted. LOL.
The last part is making sure that the best side is up in the abstract because even though I paint it one way, sometimes looking at it in other angles makes it into a totally new painting. I have put 2 of the 4 possibilities up here. Which one do you prefer?
The pther two possibilities looked disturbing and I might use ideas from that when I want to make a painting with a more disturbing effect.
SORRY ABOUT THE IMAGE QUALITY. Will take a better one tomorrow or the next day in natural light.
Working title is still "Everything Connects" because I wanted to connect the old and the modern, the natural and the digital in this painting. You are of course free to see what you like. That is the best about abstracts.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I thought we could use another warm colour painting before I start showing you my blue ones again. This too has a title I am a bit unsure of so any advice from viewers willl be appreciated.

I chose a more Asian style in the figure because most of meditation and similar techniques originates here.

I wish you all a calm and restful week.

medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
p&p worldwide with International Priority mail is FREE
SOLD to a wonderful lady who is expecting her first granchild as I write this.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My son is visiting this weekend and he is studying aeronautical science to become an airplane mechanic so this painting started its life as "Love Flights". I was not absoluetely sure about this title so any better suggestions was appreciated. Barbara came up with this fantastic poetic title "Blooms in the Hurricane" and I very much appreciated that. You can chose yourself what title suits your interpretation the best. See comments. I thought you viewers as well as I needed something softer, warmer and nicer today than the more hash abstracts I have been posting lately.

"Blooms in the Hurricane",
medium: oil on canvas panel,
size: 18x24cm
FREE postage worldwide

Friday, January 25, 2008

Deserted Forest,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 30x40cm

Thursday, January 24, 2008

After having posted an emotional semiabstract it felt right to post a nicer painting for those of my viewers needing that today. Yesterday I posted and commented on the mountain symbolisms. I think we sometimes need to look past the mountain top as well and not only focus on reaching any top. Maybe there is calm and warmth and a good life to be had without being part of the fight to become King or Queen of the Hill?

Looking Past the Mountain Top,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 24x30cm

p&p is FREE worldwide with Priority International mail (4-7 days)

When I started working on this one, all I knew was that this figure was jumping. Originally I wanted the person to jump out of joy but as some of you probably has realized my figures tend to turn out nasty or lonely or not happy at all for some reason. Well, I guess that means that my style in figure painting is semiabstracts showing strong emotions often with subjects that many of us prefer not to think about. Whether any of them will be saleable I do not care.

The Stranger He Turned Into When Angry,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
p&p is FREE worldwide with Priority International mail (4-7 days)

Mountain Top,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 24x30cm
One visual metaphor, which is used a lot, is the mountain. People want to get to the mountaintop and every life coach or guru will happily tell us how to get to the mountaintop if only we’ll send some money their way.

I love the mountain as a metaphor and have used it a lot myself in my struggle to make sense of my life and myself. About 6 years ago I realized that I DO NOT WANT to make it to the top. I have no urge to become the very best, or the richest or the most famous. I would very much like to be considered GOOD as in a good mum, a good teacher and a good artist, though. Halfway up the mountain is where I want to go.

The top is so windy and the last stretch so dangerous and exhausting. To me it is not worth the struggle. Another thing is that the competition and therefore the envy and backstabbing and intrigue are so much fiercer at the top level. No fame or fortune would be worth that for me. I have never dreamed about becoming a princess either, because I have never seen anything to envy in that life.

This makes me the perfect candidate for the daily painter movement. We want to make quality art available for ordinary people with ordinary incomes like ourselves. Being on the very top in the art world would make the prices so high that ordinary persons could not afford it and make a distance to the customers. I paint for people like you and me – people who are half way up the mountain.
But the mountaintops are lovely to view from half way up the mountain even though we might not want to climb them. J

Shaky Step by Shaky Step Climbing Upwards,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

The painting is slightly darker blue.

Some days are harder than others. Some days like yesterday I have this inner voice saying "I can't handle it", -"at least not today". Of course we can handle it and we have, over and over again, whether it is health issues, family crisis, or SAD or PMS or whatever. Most of the time the thing we have to handle is not that big realistically, but what I am talking about is the feeling and it does not react well to reasoning.

What sometimes both can be a help and the only things to do but also part of the problem is the demand to handle everything so incredibly well. We are taught that if only we think positively or follow this or that thought guru and make goals and do positive affirmations in front of the mirror or whatever the guro of the day tells us to do, then everything will not only be so much better, oh, no. much more than that. We will be a success and famous and rich and slim and all this in a very short timespan. If not we can of course contact the author and get our money back. Of course nobody does. Why? Because most of us cheat a bit and also because we kind of believe that the whole things is our own mistake. All the glowing testimonials on the site has told us that it works IF only we are dedicated enough.

My brain and emotions never are. They are never that dedicated or focused. They grabs power and I have to wrestle it back over and over again. Some days that is easy - some days not.

Yesterday my body let me down. Today I am better. I believe that is what is called LIFE.

While painting yesterday an image unconciously forced itself forward. The rope ladder. Fighting my way upwards on bad days is a shaky unbalanced business - never straightforward - and a bit scary too.

Some days, we deserve to and I believe need to allow ourselves NOT to climb at all, maybe only under the duvet and just be and not do. The to do list will be there the next day too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For some reasons my abstracts seems to become emotional while my landscapes are usually more meditative and calming in style. For a period now I will work very intensively on my oil painting and post more than one per day. I'll try to post a mix of the abstract and the realistic so that there hopefully will be something for more visitors. What I will end up painting I do not know. Too often the painting seems to control me and not the other way around hehe.

Towards the Heart
medium: oil on canvas panel
size. 24x30cm (~9.5x12in)

p&p worldwide with International Priority mail (4-7 day Norway-USA) is FREE

Flooding From the Mountains
medium: oil on canvas panel
size. 24x30cm (~9.5x12in)

p&p worldwide with International Priority mail (4-7 day Norway-USA) is FREE

Monday, January 21, 2008

yes, you are right. It is another one of my blue sky paintings. I simply adore the sky in this painting. Finally the last 3 days the clouds and rain went away locally and we have had gorgeous blue skies even with a lovely moon on it this morning when I walked to work (son has car)

Cold Winter's Day,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail is FREE

Delicate Womb
oil on canvas panel
not for sale, a gift to a lady whose heart is as delicate as the colours on this painting.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few days ago I saw a special image on The image showed a hand with a bracelet with the words "faith" on it and Lindy the poster told us that her sister in law had one with "hope" on. They had agreed not to take them off until the sister in law was done with chemo.

That story inspired this painting and of course it will be sent Lindy when it is dry.

Faith Hope and Love Fighting Illness,

medium: oil on canvas panel

size: 18x24cm

not for sale - it can obviously only have one home.
I really experienced tonight how cultural differences can make communication difficult. I said something I meant as a huge compliment and unfortunately due to bad wording and cultural insensivity on my part I ended up hurting a lady I would not for the world hurt. I have appologized and I ask you to pray or cross fingers depending on your preference that she will forgive me because I would hate it if this escalates.

I write in English but I am Norwegian and English is my second language and I might insult without meaning it. Please if I should happen to write something that you feel is hurtful in any way then email me and I will immedeately try to fix it.

In this painting I chose to focus on the cultural and lingvistic differences between Men from Mars and Women from Venus.

The Difficult Communication,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Debbie commented beneath "yes yes yes! Post painting construction!!! Facinating.... " so here is another step by step.

Step 1
An outline of a possible composition. As I said below I did not know whether this would become a nice or a disturbing painting. Working title at this stage was "Story Telling" but I knew that for some reason my figures tend to be darker in subject matter as well as about social issues concerning the weak in our world, women and children. My being a mum as well as a teacher of course has a huge inpact on my strong feelings about such issues.

What I know is that I have a circle of children and a grown up, That is all. I know nothing at this stage as to how realistic I will end up painting this or what colour sceme I'll end up chosing. the odds are that it will be semiabstract.

Step 2-3
I have now added a layer of raw umber green shade colour to the background and started blocking in the basic shapes. I can tell already that child figure no 2 will become my favourite.
Step 4
I have started to block in some faceshapes, shoulders and legs

Step 5
A few more details on the kids and I have started on the big figure. I decided on letting it have little personal details. This is not a woman or a man, and we can not see what he or she looks like. I avoided details because I wanted to show mostly thye power this adult has and in this situation it does not matter whether the person is ogod or bad looking - he or she is scary or dangerous.

Children when drawing people that frighten them do something similar. I wanted some of that effect.

As for the children - they are not individuals but symbols of different children. We can see their difference through the small variations in body posture but in general they are feeling smll and powerless and makeing themselves smaller still.

The one in front is more relaxed though.

I also started on the floor and background.

Step 6
Adding more details and working more on the background.

Last step
After a few tweaks I signed it and that's it.

The last thing I do after having found a safe place to store it while it dries is to start cleaning up.

After that I start editing the photos. It is amazing how much time that takes. I usually take several photos and use the best. I usually need to crop and resize and rotate and more.

Then there is what I am doing now, presenting it on the blog.

The rest is getting it out there, talking to customers and people commenting it ( that I love) and maybe frame it. And if everything works out great then some day someone will purchase it and I will pack it and send it to its new home.

Powerless Children
medium: oil on canvas
size: 18x24cm
price: $ 100
p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE

All income from the sale of this painting will go directly to Equality Now
SOLD (see receipt letter from Equality Now under. There you will also find more contact info for this fantastic organisation)
EQUALITY NOW New York: 250 West 57 Street, #1527, New York, NY 10107, USA ▪ Tel:+1 212-586-0906 • Fax:+1 212-586-1611 • Email:

London: 6 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6BU, UK • Phone:+44 (0) 20-7839-5456 • Fax:+44 (0) 20-7839-4012 • Email:

Nairobi: PO Box 2018 KNH 00202, Nairobi, Kenya • Tel: +254 20-2719-832 • Fax: +254 20-2719-868 • Email:


Dear Ms. Vogsland:

Thank you so much for your contribution of $100.00 to Equality Now. With your help, we are making a real difference in advancing our common vision of a world in which girls and women live free from violence and discrimination.

In 2007 we launched two campaigns in support of women in Iran and Afghanistan, deepened our commitment to stop the global trade in human lives by launching the Fund for Grassroots Activism to End Sex Trafficking, and succeeded in getting a strong New York State law criminalizing human trafficking passed. In the coming year we will continue our work in these and other campaigns, including shutting down sex tour operator G & F Tours, working for the passage of a law in Mali against female genital mutilation, and demanding justice for the women who have been abducted and murdered in Mexico.

We could not pursue our global fight to end human rights abuses against women and girls without your continued generosity. Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,
Amanda Sullivan
Director, Women’s Action Network

I was so happy this morning because finally I could see the sun and finally it happened when I was home so that I oculd get a few proper photos of my art.

In the Corner,
medium: oil on canvas
size: 18x24cm
I was unsure a long time whether I wanted to sell or not but ended up selling after a year. This one I would have liked to be one of the paintings representing me if I should be interviewed again or have something written about me in a book. THAT is how satisfied I am with it.

This time I managed to rip myself away by steely will power and take photos along the way. LOL. You might notice a difference in colour on the examples. Neither is correct. the original has the crimson red of step two but the brightness of those that looks more orange. The original has NO orange tint. Problem is that I either have to use the flash and then I get that yellowish orange tint or not use flash and lose the brightness of the painting. I will try again tomorrow in natural light. Unfortunately due to rain as well as it being winter proper daylight has been hard to find.

Step 1
For this painting I did not want the white canvas as the base to paint on These kinds of artist canvas panel boards are primed with acrylics before you buy them - sometimes twice or three times. That means that me using acrylics for another layer before starting with the oils works fine.

Usually I make it all black - several layers, but sometimes I thin the black out and use it for first sketches to get an idea of the composition. here as you can see the idea is for a corner of a room with an abstract person sitting in the "shame on you"-corner like they used to have in old schools and in old ways of child rearing.

I also indicated some the corner itself and some texture to the walls and the floor. Whether that would be the end texture or shape of the figure, that is not decided at this point.

Neither is the style completely decided. I might at this stage go for a more realistic figure and focus on right porportions and similar and make it fairly realistic. Then I would be left with choices as to how detailed to paint the face and what clothes and all such things.

The next challenge was what colours to go for. If I wanted the realistic look, then the walls and the floor had to be realistic too and if I wanted to continue the texture of wall and floor wooden paneles like the ones you find in houses from around 1950 then I would have to chose wooden colours.

Step 2
In the end I decided to go for more symbolic than realistic style and focus on the emotion of shame and feeling exposed and humiliated and alone.

So what colour symbolises that? Of course red is the colour of such feelings. We get warm and we turn red in the face and on the ears.

I therefore covered the entire painting with alizarin crimson red after a thin layer of painting medium.

Step 3
I then started working on the background and began with the walls. Most people nowadays and especially not teachers do not use this method any more even though some might use other means to humiliate their students.

Anyway, this being from the "old days" I wanted to make the background like any very basic schoolhouse in the country in the old days. That is untreated or painted wooden panels. Most of my house which is from the 1950s is made by using this narrow wooden panels.

The way I wanted to create this effect was to focus on painting with a narrow brush downwards over and over and the last layer one downward stroke at a time - each stroke covering partly the previous one. That way I indicated that structure. Again if I had chosen the realistic painting style I would then have had to show the twirls and holes and all which makes such panel looking great when unpainted. But again the walls is not the focus - they are only supporting the symbolism.

Step 4
Same stage in two photos one taken with flash so that you can see the details better. Then of course you get the reflections. Wet paint is hard to take photos of, especially when there is dark parts too.

The floor was decided on in very much the same manner as the walls. Normally such panels would have been paralell to either wall but my focus is the corner so I chose to make them diagonal and kind of point towards the corner.

Step 5
Painting the figure itself. I am now firmly decided on making this painting symbolic but still at this stage I could have changed my mind and done the figure more realistic. I am very happy I made the choices I made because This is EXACTLY how I would have wanted it to turn out. Now I really got the pay for practising chinese brush painting where every brush stroke counts and can not be erased. One bad stroke and I would have had to scrape of and wipe off and start all over again. I felt great when I saw the result.

Final Step
Now I had the biggest challenge of all LOL How much "piddling in my puddle" as an artist friend calls it would I do. The time had come to fix the tiny details. The problem is that a tiny tad too much piddling and the painting is overworked and loses its freshness and is basically nearly ruined if you're unlucky. One of my weaknesses is my need to just fix a tiny bit more and a tiny bit more. Today or rather tonight :-) (03.46 here) I forced myself not to do that.

The final decition is where to put signature, how big and what colour to use. You want it to show clearly but also not to interfear with the painting etc etc. What is left now is to put it somewhere safe from 3 cats fighting and similar while it dries.

Again two versions here to allow you to see the prosess better.

So sorry, again me, the paint and the painting knife went into anothe dimention, so this one two you only get in 2 steps. This one two has a blue background. I said initially that I did not know whether I anted it to be a land or dep ocean plant. The way it ended I still have not decided. By making the leaves semiabstract they can be whatever the viewer want them to be and I like that style or hehehe rather that style takes control over me.

Again sorry about photo flash reflections.

Gently Swinging Blue Leaves,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 24x30cm (~10"x12")
price: $ 100
p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am so sorry. What happened was that as usual I got lost into painting and lost track of time and my plan to take photos step by step to show you. So I am sorry this only ended up being a 2 step demonstration.

I am fairly satisfied with the results because I think I managed my goal of making it calm, quiet and relaxing. The clouds are soft and light and the ocean calm without waves.

The rocky beach is deserted but with more textures so that the painting did not end up totally without any "bite".

I decided on making the sun very distant and small because I did not want this to become a typical sunset painting.

Sorry about some flash refelctions from the camera. Without the flash I get a perfect image but the blue colour is lost - sith the flash some reflections when taking the photo on wet paint ona black background. By the way, what you see as only black is also blue tinted so there is no harsh clean black here.

Sun Sinking into the Blue,
mediaum: oil on canvas panel
size: 30x40cm (~12x16in)
Price: $150
p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE

I myself love step by steps, and I also love to hear the background of paintings. I will over a few posts during today and tomorrow try to bring you along and explain some of what is going through an artists mind while working - at least this artist.

My working title for this one is "In the corner" Whether that will be the end title I do not know but it is often useful for me to have some direction in my work.

As you have seen before, I regularly paint figures in an semiabstract style without faces so that posture makes the persons or women, because I mostly do women, be a representative of a group or for example all women.

Sometimes the abstractation of the person is done more to show an emotion or a situation more than a person.

That is what I believe I will do with this one at this stage. I am mostly thinking about the symbols of being in the corner. It has strong historical roots and represent everything from having been blamed, feeling guilty and probably most of all the shame and humiliation. The last two feelings is my focus at this stage.

My biggest challenge right now is to decide on which colours to use to make the symbolism stand out. This is not supposed to be a painting that will be nice to look at - I want it to be uncomfortable looking at because I want any viewers to think and to feel that humiliation others is not OK. Deciding which colours for the background and which for the figure is very hard at the moment. I have no idea

I have several kinds of collectors and viewers to my blog but people can often be roughly divided into those who like abstracts and often also not so nice ones and those who prefer more realistic ones and often the more nicer ones. The last ones have for some time asked me when I would start making those nice landscapes of mine again.

This fisrt background layer allows me to mentally build an image inside my head as to what style and impression I want it to make. I want this to have lots of horisonatal lines like the horizon. I want it to be calm but with a touch of soft movements like the sound and movement on a beach of the water when the waves are nearly non existent. I want it to give the viewer what such meditations audios give with sound - a feeling of peace, calmness, meditation and oneness with nature.

This one I am a bit udecided about still. I am not sure whether I want to be on land or deep down in the ocean. I do however want this to have plants of some kind moving gently. I want this to be happy and maybe with a touch of a style that we would like to hang in a child's room. I will use bright colours and reds and greens them being shiny and fun. I will go for a semi realistic style. This is the painting to do while bringing out my inner child and use the colours a child would use.

This painting has several directions and I am not sure which one I will go for in the end. The painting probably will tell me as I start working on it.

Working title is "First step story telling" and that might be the story I will go for. On the other hand I could go for "basic teaching" or some part of me do not want this to be a happy painting. My initial feeling was not of something nice but of a group of children huddling on a floor with a big person over them. Whether this will end up showing a good situation or a bad one, only the painting itself knows. This will be a painting where I start working more wihout knowing where it will end at all.

I would love comments on whether you like me to post stuff like this on the blog. I love any comments.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The biggest challenge with this one has been to get a decent photo of it. I think I have taken 20 photos and cropped and tried all kinds of settings on the camera and putting it all kinds of places when shooting. It is a pity that this is the best I could do because the painting is very sweet.

Water feeding the Pond,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

Waiting and Hoping,
oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

All income from the sale of this painting will go directly to Equality Now
One thing I feel very strongly about is women's rights around the globe and as some of you have noticed that shines through some of my works. I was fortunate to be born in what UN has said is the best country to be born in. But Still most of my life has been influenced by traditional female limitations. Getting divorced and raising two children took almost all energhy for about 15 years. Loose Pelvis Syndrom did not help either.

I am lucky, most women do not have my advantages. Who you get married to matters enourmously and divorce is usually not an option. I chose to dress this waiting girlwoman in red because that is the traditional bridal colour in many Asian countries. Traditional marriages is not uncommonly arranged marriages too in many parts of the world and also in the West due to immigration. What are the feelings of these girls being put up on those pidestalls for the weeding days? What do they hope for - what are their dreams?

Please check out Equality Now which is a wonderful women's organisation which works much in the same way as Amnersty International

This is what the article in Bergens Tiende looks like. And some information gathered from their home page: "Circulation/readers
Bergens Tidende has the largest number of subscribers outside Oslo, in addition to newsstand sales. The newspaper has 253,000 readers daily. The circulation is 87,076 daily copies (2006). "

Bergens Tiende online

Click the image and you will get a large version

Big Painting update
The monster size project is put aside for a while while the person interested has a rethink after getting the necessary information.

Nevertheless, I am very happy because I will be painting big anyway, not that big but do a few in 2x3feet or 3x4feet and maybe a bit bigger than that but still within a more normal size range. I am thnakful to this person for having triggered me to begin to think in bigger terms.

And LOL made me start playing around with the theme he was interested in and the result "Anguish" posted at midnight was sold this morning hehehe. So yes very happy.

"In the womb" update
Before Christmas the story started. Barbara, a lovely lady and soon to be granmother fell for the painting "In the Womb" and bought it because to her it represented her unborn granchild.
She is an art collector and printed out several versions of the image while waiting for it. This January when she wanted to frame and put it up in her group she could not find it, she and her friend spent ages searching for it. You all know how it is during the holidays where we tidy away stuff and especially thos ethings we value the most and put aside in smart places. . . . .
She could not find it and was very upset. I was then asked to do a copy. The thing is that I can't do copies but I can make something in the same style or with the same subject matter and I promised to try.

The result was "In the womb II and III" A couple of days after that the first painting arrived. It had not been mislaid by this lady but by the postal service during the holiday frenzy. She had looked at it so many times that she had not been sure whether she had received it or not. The story ended well. Now I have 2 more painting. They might join the first one or they might end up in your home. Barbara feels that they should be given a chance to go to someone else but she would also appreciate having the series. Time will tell. It would be fun to hear what yoru favourite is. I, II or III

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on big painting
It seems there probably will be a big painting or maybe several but maybe it will not be monster size. Time will tell. No matter what I will start doing first steps on bigger canvases this weekend.
Update on Bergens Tiende
The article about internet and art and the daily painters gallery and me was published this Monday. I will post a photo of it when I get my hands on a newspaper. I am happy with it even though I had hope that it would have had more about the dp-movement. My words came out in the journalists phrasing but that is OK - my full name and location was very clear in the article - Full name even was mentioned 3 times which is great.

23 Anguish, SOLD to CA, USA
oil on canvas panel board
size 18x24cm
P&P worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calm Bay
oil on canvas board
size: 30x40 cm
p&p FREE worldwide

Big Paintings

I must admit that I have been metally working on the Big painting during the night. Thinking about all kind so practical things too because let's face it I am 1.60cm and you can not use a regular easel and stuff like that for a 2mx2m painting. The more I think about it the more exited I get about the idea of painting this large.

Today at work I caught myself looking at a wall and trying to imagine this size. It IS large and will need a large wall with space around. My mind has been working at where and how to get the materials and similar stuff.

I have had a fantstic day painting hour after hour tonight.

Possible commision 2mx2m
Just a few minutes ago I got a shock. Out of the blue I was asked for a price for a painting 2m x 2m. (6,56feetx6.56 feet) in the style of "behind the Mask". Well as those of you who follow my blog know, I decided that january 2008 would be the month to grab challenges LOL but I must admit I am a bit exited by the thought of going for such a challenge because of the size. Keep coming here and I will tell you whether anything comes of this challenge.

No matter what comes of this I have decided to grab one of my 80x100cm canvases and work on it this weekend at the latest, so no matter what comes of this - it has triggered interesting things.

This painting is one I like very much myself because it has such a tranguil mood about it. A pity that it is so difficult to get great photos of wet oil paint.

Meditative Shore,
oil on canvas panel board
size : 18x24cm

p&p are FREE worldwide