Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calm Bay
oil on canvas board
size: 30x40 cm
p&p FREE worldwide

Big Paintings

I must admit that I have been metally working on the Big painting during the night. Thinking about all kind so practical things too because let's face it I am 1.60cm and you can not use a regular easel and stuff like that for a 2mx2m painting. The more I think about it the more exited I get about the idea of painting this large.

Today at work I caught myself looking at a wall and trying to imagine this size. It IS large and will need a large wall with space around. My mind has been working at where and how to get the materials and similar stuff.


blh said...

I hope that you will show us your progress after you have painted the huge painging long enough for you to feel comfortable letting us see some of it!

blh said...

Would it be possible for you to publish some excerpts from your interviews, translated into English? Personally, I am more interested in what the articles have to say about you and your art than I am about Daily Painter. However, it is a wonderful site, giving exposure to artists from all over the world, but I found them through you.