Monday, January 21, 2008

yes, you are right. It is another one of my blue sky paintings. I simply adore the sky in this painting. Finally the last 3 days the clouds and rain went away locally and we have had gorgeous blue skies even with a lovely moon on it this morning when I walked to work (son has car)

Cold Winter's Day,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm

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Delicate Womb
oil on canvas panel
not for sale, a gift to a lady whose heart is as delicate as the colours on this painting.


blh said...

"Delicate Womb" is highly reminiscent of the artist's "In the Womb" paintings, but there are significant differences that are intriguing. The womb in this painting is not red with the maternal blood that nourishes new life within it, the glowing embryo or fetus is missing, plus its opening is pointed in the opposite direction. I think that these differences are meant to inform the viewer that he or she is looking at a different stage or stages of the female womb.

The womb in this painting is a very delicate pink which, I think, can be interpreted in two ways. This womb can be seen as that of a young girl who has not yet reached puberty. Her womb is pink and delicate because she is not even near being capable of becoming pregnant. The delicate pink shows her innocence and youth, yet it is the blush of her maturity to come.

The other interpretation of "Delicate Womb" is that it represents the last stage of the womb, just as my first interpretation was that the painting represents the womb's first stage. As a woman ages, she becomes incapable of becoming pregnant and nourishing new life, the walls of her uterus thin and become very delicate, and she has reached the end of her reproductive life. These changes can be indicated by the delicate pink of the painting, as well.

Therefore, in my eyes "Delicate Womb" both starts the story of the female womb, as well as ends it. "Delicate Womb" can be seen either as a young organ waiting for new life to fill it or as an organ that is nearing the end of its existence, hopefully with its job well done.

blh said...

It is amazing how "Cold Winter's Day" can be so beautiful, yet make me feel a cold which I have never felt in my life. The blues are almost overwhelming in their gorgeous colors that are so intense as to be almost overwhelming. This is emphasized in my eyes by their contrast with the black, fascinatingly twisted branches of the bare trees. There is almost a storytale quality about this painting for me.

n. rhodes harper said...

Lovely as usual, stirring the mind intellectually as well as visually. I hope we have some blue sky's here soon!

Trine said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. You are all such an inspiration to me

Trine said...

To me the "cold winter's day" is also about the feeling of everything being seeminly dead and alone and bare. The underlying beauty is that underneath this seemingly dead scene there is roots ready to send up sap and create the most wonderful green display in spring. That is something to remember when emotions feel so cold and bare and we believe that we will never be happy again. Spring will come!