Thursday, January 24, 2008

When I started working on this one, all I knew was that this figure was jumping. Originally I wanted the person to jump out of joy but as some of you probably has realized my figures tend to turn out nasty or lonely or not happy at all for some reason. Well, I guess that means that my style in figure painting is semiabstracts showing strong emotions often with subjects that many of us prefer not to think about. Whether any of them will be saleable I do not care.

The Stranger He Turned Into When Angry,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
p&p is FREE worldwide with Priority International mail (4-7 days)


blh said...

This painting seems to me to be one of a type of man who can cause fear in those weaker than himself. He could be a wife beater or a child abuser, a man who turns vicious when he is drunk, a man who enjoys misusing his power over others at work, or many other kinds of men who have a dual personality that is changeable between "nice" and dangerous. This is not a pretty, comfortable painting and most adults realize that some men show one face to the world and an opposite one to those whom he considers to be "less" than he is in some way. However, it does show the truth of too many human personalities and the ugly reality that may lie beneath their surface.

Trine said...

even I who painted this one, keep finding it dirsturbing ehenever I see it. That kind of anger or evil is so scary. Whether you interprete it as something this person is or turns into or something a person sees when another person gets angry is totally up to you. depending on my day, I change my perception too which is what I aim for. I want myself too to be able to see htis work as new over and over again. The best books for me is the ones that gives me something new even if I read them for the fifth time. I hope that many of my paintings will too.