Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Seacreatures and jellyfish has intrigued me as a painter for the last two years and I keep coming back to them. I hope you like this painting of a group of them.

blue ink on ricepaper
$30 p&p worldwide included

Starting a new year has its great aspects and its scary ones. Starting a new with a whole year in front of you as a huge new canvas where evyerthing can happen is the great part. The sad part when you reach a certain age is that you know that the odds are that things will not change that much - the same battles will have to be fought all over again.

Right now I dread the fact that - yes, you guessed right - the diet and exercise fight with myself starts all over again. "Same procedure as every year, James".

The best part this new year is that my painting has had developed very well in 2007, I have not touched a sigarett all 2007 and there has been less conflicts in people around me that I have been mixed into (one of my resulutions a year ago). Well, Keep visiting my blog and you will get to know how 2008 turns out.

My goals as a painter are many for 2008. No one knows where my artistic journey might take me in the year to come.


Gretchen Kelly said...

Very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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