Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on big painting
It seems there probably will be a big painting or maybe several but maybe it will not be monster size. Time will tell. No matter what I will start doing first steps on bigger canvases this weekend.
Update on Bergens Tiende
The article about internet and art and the daily painters gallery and me was published this Monday. I will post a photo of it when I get my hands on a newspaper. I am happy with it even though I had hope that it would have had more about the dp-movement. My words came out in the journalists phrasing but that is OK - my full name and location was very clear in the article - Full name even was mentioned 3 times which is great.

23 Anguish, SOLD to CA, USA
oil on canvas panel board
size 18x24cm
P&P worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE


blh said...

This abstract is evocative of the times in my life that I felt were extremely important, but hopeless, of the times when loved ones have died, of the times when I have felt helpless and lost, myself, and of the other times not only in my life, but in everyone's life, when one hurts so badly that one feels that one cannot go on without screaming. Mature adults very rarely scream, so this painting does it for us. One can also separate oneself from the painting and wonder why the abstract face is feeling such anguish, what has made the person hurt so much that he or she must cry out aloud. This is a painting that can be seen and used in many ways.