Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

My arm is slowly getting a bit better and I hope I will be able to paint properly at least by the weekend.
This first trading card (2.5x3.5in) is made by using watercolours on watercolourpaper.
A few weeks ago I came across a supplier of aceo cardstock on ebay and ended up ordering some scratchborads too. Here is my first scratchwork in a very long time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A bit better today :-) but still quite a bit of pain.

ACEO ATC 07-03-29 Movement of Pain - Watercolour 2.5"x3.5" in plastic toploader

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So only able to handle the pain these days. Will be beck posting as soon as able.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

I struggle lately and do not seem to be able to handle a big canvas this weekend. Instead I paint more emotions abstract in few colours using Aceo size 2.5x3.5in watercolour paper and watercolours. This journey of mine painting or drawing every day is also a journey into and with myself into the future.

Fighting the Bars of Shame
One of the things I have been thinking of lately is how women, my age and older especially, tend to be filled with shame, not the old sexually related shame but the one more connected with "eat up, think about the starving children in Africa"-kind. Concretely we overeat , we are good girls and finish our plates, but more importantly we get unsure about what feelings we should allow ourself to have.

As we were told to ignore feelings of fullness foodwise because of the need of starving children, we also ignore our own feelings when we are on mum-duty; when the whole family is down in flu, who is taking care of everyone? "Was the holidays/Cristmas/ the trip successful? ""Oh yes, hubby was happy and kids were happy and behaved reasonably. Sure, a wonderful holiday /Christmas etc etc. " We're happy when our people are happy. Or at least that is what we tell ourself and if not - Shame.

Add then the fact that many women in that age group get health problems like fibromyalgia, low thyroid, fatigue syndrom, burn out syndroms, menopause or depression. Problem is that all these diagnoses has depression-like symptoms too. What do women do? All of these health issues also carry some kind of Shame. "Get a grip, pull yourself together, don't be so lazy, think about how fortunate you are, think about those that has worse problems". That doctors has called many of these problems "just nerves" for ages adds to the problem. It is kind of more status to have the historical male middle age problems; heart and ruined backs after heavy manual work. These days the double working women has these too.

These kind of philosophical thought and discussions inspired this watercolour: "Fighting the Bars of Shame" It could equally be the poor African Mum having got HIV/AIDS from her cheating husband knowing that their kids would soon be without help. That too and similar situations is known to women. I did not want the face to be weak in shame but hurt and angry fighting it.

I do wish I was a better artist so that I could really explore emotional and philosophical issues like this and one day I am sure I will be able to to that in a manner that satisfies me. Untill then I will have to fight and break down the internalized "good girls do paint inside the lines"- socialization I have grown up with. I am amazed on how tough that is to break down. That is one reason I do not paint very tidy detailed works - I do not want to wake that monster. My dream and goals are quite other styles of drawing and paintings.

Well, the journey has only just begun - keep following me and who knows where it will all end.

"Abstract Geography".

"Biology Awakening"

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ACEO ATC 07-03-26 Brown Mountains

ACEO ATC 07-03-25 Seascape

ACEO ATC 07-03-24 Three Flowers

I've been thinking a bit over the last few days. I have not reached a final opinion yet but I feel that I am getting somewhere. On one hand I sometimes feel that my simple compositions are substandard to more complicated ones but on the other hand what I often fall for in other oartit's art is very simple lines and compositions so maybe my style IS the simple shapes and compositions? On the other hand my goal is a more advanced simple compositions and style. Keep following me and you will see me develope my style further. For now I just continue to force myself to post both the works that I am very happy about and the ones I think are lousy. Then you the viewer will have to make up your mind on each and every work. The strange thing is in fact that often the works people flal for is the ones that I nearly binned. For that reason I do not completely dare to believe myself and my opinion of my own works. I always put them aside at least and then look at them again some time later.

Lately, I have Struggled with feelings of not being able to produce anything worth while. Part of it is totally non rasjonal because I did sell 4 works this last week. The other pat is very rasjonal because I do have so much more to learn and mys kills still has and wil for a long time have serious flaws.

The problem is that most of the time I am able to just work and not mind whether the results would be good or bad or even very bad. These last weeks I got way too focused on the quality of the results instead of the quality of the process of crfating and learning art. I do not know what to do to break free again but that is what I aim for.

Yesterday at school we had bishop's visitation. It was14 years since the last time so all the students could ask questions for on hour and then the teachers had coffee and cake with him and his adminiastasion. I was a bit disappointed because he was as round and unclear in his words as a politician.
These days the big church issue in the news is that the Oslo Bishop refused a priest a job as a substitute priest because he lived in a gay partnership. Our bishop had supported him in the news agains the majority of the bishop's councel. I do not agree with our bishop's views on this issue but I would have respected him more if he had been clerer on his moral views. He answered the teenagers equally round on tobacco, drinks, single mums etc. Anyway, he inspired my play with colours on these aceos (ARTist trading cards 2.5x3.5in).

Friday, March 16, 2007

Waterfall Landscape in Reds
Oil on artist canvas panel 24x30cm

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I thought this one which I painted acouple of weeks ago would be suited now since we have just celebrated the International Women's Day (8th )

In the Womb - Abstract in Red in oils
Oil on artist canvas panel 24x30cm
$100 p&p worldwide included

This is Magpie in her new home in Sweden. She is very happy coming to a room where everything else is also in black and white LOL.

Saleswise today has been very good. During the day my school had a skiing day at Gautefall Alpine Center. Among all the lifts, cafées and skirentals there is also the Gautefall Sentral, an art and crafts store where I have some of my work exhibitioned. Naturally I visited. And the lady working there made my day telling me I had sold two of my framed encaustic art works this weekend.
Arriving home I had to relist a few items on ebay and put them in store. While working on this I suddenly realized that 2 items ending at the same time had sold in the last minutes of the auctions, so the next hour I happily packed and sent invoice etc. In other workds a very nice day. Trine

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This painting is done from reference photos of these rock formations in Australia. Only a few of the 12 are left. This one is done in acrylics but I have a bigger painting planned in oils with the same topic.

The Twelve Apostles
Acrylics on canvas box 40x40x1cm
pained on the sides and ready to hang
$200 p&p worldwide included

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Northern Landscape 5 - On the road
Acrylics on artist canvas panel 18x24cm
$100 p&p worldwide inluded.
I had a lovely night tonight. A friend and collegue was 40 and had invited a bunch of ladies for chees and wine. Therefore LOL I sit her filled up with lovely brie and red wine and cakes, and have had lots of nice conversations. Life is good. I hope your weekrnd is equally nice.

Friday, March 09, 2007

No 4 in my Northern Landscape Series - Road Ahead
acrylics on artist canvas panel 18x24cm
$100 p&p worldwide included

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I have started a series of paintings inspired by landscapes from the North of Norway where I am originally from. This is the third in the series. The other two are "landscape Bodoe" and "Autumn Field"

Nearly Winter
acrylics on aritist canvas panel 18x24cm
$100 p&p worldwide included

Today has been a very mixed day. I had back problems so I stayed home from work. The good part is that I finally got really started on filling up my ebay-store and I hope I will have put most of my work up by the end of this week.

I wanted to paint a bright warm painting today since we have had so many greay days here lately. Fortunately the sun came out for a bit today and gave me the inspiration. Parts of this painting's composition is from a photo taken by my brother. Anyway I ended up giving it an extra layer of warm colour and was happy about the result.

Autumn Field

acrylics on artist canvas panel 18x24cm

$100 p&p worldwide included

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alien Sky

Today I thought I would show you one of my earlier work which is one of my daughters favourites.

Alien sky
oil on canvas box 30x40cm, painted on the sides and ready to hang.
$ 250 p&p worldwide included

I have been working mostly in miniature lately so I guess it is time I try to work myself up to the normal sized canvases again hehe. This acrylic is 18x24cm

Landscape in Bodø
Acrylics on artist canvas panel 18x24cm
$100 all p&p worldwide

It has been a while since I tried to draw or paint figures so I found out I would try a bit today. Not perfect but not way too bad either. It is also painted by using coffee as the medium.

Olympics in the Old days. Please visit my ebaystore if you want to bid on this item.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Landscape, Sphere, sylinder, Digital man and Abstract
I could not resist playing further with colours found in the kitchen. I ended up loving the colours from beetroot and red cabbage. Diet coke did not work, neither did the berry lemonade I had.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

As you can see, I have played with using coffee as the medium. painted on watercolours paper: Weasel, Rabbit, Frog and Straws on beach.
These are dedicated my mamma, who loves coffee.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Yesterday was a strange day. It was the first time in about two months where I did not post. It did not feel right not to, but I told myself that the world would not go under. I do not think skipping will be a habit. It did not feel right. So what did I do yesterday night. I planned my holiday is April. Then my mum and I will be going to England where we will attend wet on wet classes on florals. I do it mostly for the trip and plans to sketch a lot and buy tons of artist materials. I also look very much forward to meeting people I have only talked to online. It will be great to be in the same workshop painting. Afterwards we painters will have a dinner and a few of us has rented rooms at the same travel lodge. I think it will be great. So what i did last night was to spend hours deciding what plans to take, where to stay ( three different places) check on buses and availability by public transportation booking etc etc. I really hope it will be a wonderful mum and daughter trip.

Well, I guess you expecyt an artwork too. Here are a few ACEOs done in watercolours and one in pastels. Viol, Red Clover, Tree in pastel, Trees along path

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