Friday, January 18, 2008

I myself love step by steps, and I also love to hear the background of paintings. I will over a few posts during today and tomorrow try to bring you along and explain some of what is going through an artists mind while working - at least this artist.

My working title for this one is "In the corner" Whether that will be the end title I do not know but it is often useful for me to have some direction in my work.

As you have seen before, I regularly paint figures in an semiabstract style without faces so that posture makes the persons or women, because I mostly do women, be a representative of a group or for example all women.

Sometimes the abstractation of the person is done more to show an emotion or a situation more than a person.

That is what I believe I will do with this one at this stage. I am mostly thinking about the symbols of being in the corner. It has strong historical roots and represent everything from having been blamed, feeling guilty and probably most of all the shame and humiliation. The last two feelings is my focus at this stage.

My biggest challenge right now is to decide on which colours to use to make the symbolism stand out. This is not supposed to be a painting that will be nice to look at - I want it to be uncomfortable looking at because I want any viewers to think and to feel that humiliation others is not OK. Deciding which colours for the background and which for the figure is very hard at the moment. I have no idea

I have several kinds of collectors and viewers to my blog but people can often be roughly divided into those who like abstracts and often also not so nice ones and those who prefer more realistic ones and often the more nicer ones. The last ones have for some time asked me when I would start making those nice landscapes of mine again.

This fisrt background layer allows me to mentally build an image inside my head as to what style and impression I want it to make. I want this to have lots of horisonatal lines like the horizon. I want it to be calm but with a touch of soft movements like the sound and movement on a beach of the water when the waves are nearly non existent. I want it to give the viewer what such meditations audios give with sound - a feeling of peace, calmness, meditation and oneness with nature.

This one I am a bit udecided about still. I am not sure whether I want to be on land or deep down in the ocean. I do however want this to have plants of some kind moving gently. I want this to be happy and maybe with a touch of a style that we would like to hang in a child's room. I will use bright colours and reds and greens them being shiny and fun. I will go for a semi realistic style. This is the painting to do while bringing out my inner child and use the colours a child would use.

This painting has several directions and I am not sure which one I will go for in the end. The painting probably will tell me as I start working on it.

Working title is "First step story telling" and that might be the story I will go for. On the other hand I could go for "basic teaching" or some part of me do not want this to be a happy painting. My initial feeling was not of something nice but of a group of children huddling on a floor with a big person over them. Whether this will end up showing a good situation or a bad one, only the painting itself knows. This will be a painting where I start working more wihout knowing where it will end at all.

I would love comments on whether you like me to post stuff like this on the blog. I love any comments.


blh said...

I love having your comments on your blog about how you feel about a painting as you work on it! I am never surprised when I interpret a painting differently than its artist does, but I always greedily welcome how the artist feels about the painting, including and perhaps especially while s/he is painting it!

Debbie said...

yes yes yes! Post painting construction!!! Facinating....

Diane said...

As usual Trine, some brilliant stuff on here-keep it up-cant wait to see how it all developes,
love Diane