Saturday, January 12, 2008

A collector and friend in the States bought In the Womb I but unfortunately something had happened to it so she asked me to try to make a similar one because she had fallen so hard for it. Unfortunately for her I am not able to copy exactly what I do in one painting in another because each ainting is a happening between the canvas or paper and me at that time and that interaction can not be copied. But, I was glad to try and I am more happy with the results today than I was initially when I made no 1. I am also very glad that this commision gave me a much needed kick in the butt to get my oils out again. Only problem is that now I will have wet canvases all over the house again. takes usually 3 weeks before an oil painting is dry enough to touch unless you add a drying agent into the paint and I am not too happy about doing that.

Note made later:
The original painting surfaced - it had taken a detour due to US Mail, so the paintings are therefore for sale.

In the Womb II,
oil on canvas panel board
24x30 cm (approx 10"x12")
p&p is FREE worldwide

In the Womb III,
oil on canvas panel board
24x30 cm
p&p worldwide is FREE


blh said...

I am a mother and to me these paintings are superb examples of abstract paintings of pregnancy! The gold center draws the eye to the embryo/fetus and the red lines strongly remind me of the folds of the womb that cradles and nourishes the unborn baby!

Trine said...

Thank you so muc. The lady wanting me to paint them thought she had lost the "In the wombI" but it was the postal service's holiday mess that delayed it for 3 weeks.

blh said...

I am so delighted for the lady and relieved for her because she did eventually receive her painting! I have now looked at and compared all three versions of "In the Womb". I would have a hard time picking my favorite of the three paintings! The lady probably likes the first one best, in my opinion, because it was the painting for which she was waiting. However, each of the "In the Womb" paintings is enough different that it has something new to offer the viewer. If I were pregnant, I would have a difficult time choosing which painting I would buy! I might even buy all three, if I had different places far enough away from each other to hang them! It is wonderful being pregnant and these paintings celebrate that fact!

n. rhodes harper said...

This painting is so powerful. You really show the amazing miracle through vibrant color and abstract design. Wonderful!