Wednesday, October 31, 2007

As you probably can guess by now, I'm in the middle of a kind of bird series about birds bringing insects back to the nest :-) . I am also happy to tell you that I am getting quite some interest in my ink paintings even back to june ones lately. That of course makes me happy.
I'll probably do more ink works in colours this autumn because I have lots of lovely ink sticks as well as liquid drawing inks.
For now, the simplicity created by striping off the colour and only using tones of the black satisfies my goals right now. I seem to go through phases between bright colours and B&W.

Yummy Grasshopper,
ink on shuen paper
23x34cm papersize but can be cropped some
$50 p&p worldwide included

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

These days I find myself totally relaxing and take a step away from all kinds of noises and bustles of my everyday life when grinding the ink and painting in this style. This is so my meditation. Life is quiet and therefore good right now. I do not want that much excitement right now.

Bringing Food,
ink on shuen paper
size actual painting : ca 23x25 cm
$ 30 p&p worldwide included

Monday, October 29, 2007

Today I have had a very relaxing afternoon. Grinding the ink on the ink stone and painting this bird felt like meditation for me. I also like the calm that I feel I painted into this painting.
I hope you feel it too.

Freshly Caught Snack, SOLD
ink on shuen paper
approximately A4
$40 p&p worldwide included

A special thanks to Lj Maxx for the use of her photo as reference for this pose.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have had a very productive day today JIPPPIIIII and had some fun. This is a painting using chinese ink which I ground on my lovely ink stone (meditation for stressed out artists :-)). Using shuen paper which is medium absorbant I had some control but still the paper did it's magic. I was very happy myself with this one because I felt I mastered a bit more to use variations of keeping the brush dry or wet.

The very special thing about chinese brush painting is that you can not fix anything like you can with watercolours on watercolour paper.
This one I will frame and put out on the guild exhibition next month if it is not sold before that.

Misty Mountains,
ink on shuen paper
size: 21x30cm ( A4)
$50 p&p worldwide included

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This last weeks a woodpecker has been very active in the electricity pole outside. Very busy. I did this one some time ago. Today I had teacher parent conferances into the night and my mum is visiting so it was very difficult to find time to paint. I hope the weekend will sedde me with a brush in my hand lots

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yesterday I practiced painting pandas in ink. I want to thank to somesai and her fantastic photos on flickr which she kindly allowed me to use for reference when practicing. I will definately practice more pandas. The shape seems easy, problem is how to show the white on white.

Monday, October 22, 2007

And here is a second mountain aquarelle as we call it here. This one I'll probably get framed and show on the local guild's Christmas exhibition if it is not sold by then.

Italian Alps2,
watercolour on watercolour paper
$50 p&p worldwide included.

I also fooled around with some ink and my lovely new ink stone tonight. Here are a few miniswallows as well as my ink materials.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

When travelling over the Alps on my way to Pisa recently I was so amazed by the layer by layer by layer of the mountain ridges. Quite a bit of the mountains was over the clouds. That and the typical style in watercolours in Tuscany have inspired this series I am working on. On the other hand it is also my own style in blue mountainous landscapes ( previously in oils mainly) so you can say that these are multiinspired. I hope you will like them

Italian Alps1,

watercolour on watrecolour paper
size: 21x30cm ( A4) Fits standard photo frames
$0 p&p worldwide included.

Tuscan landscape 1,
watercolours on watercolour paper
$ 30 p&p worldwide included

Friday, October 19, 2007

Red Sun Sets,

watercolours on wc paper
21x30 cm
$30 p&p worldwide included
SOLD and sent to USA

Continuing to explore watercolours and ink on different kinds of paper.

Ready for take off,
watercolour on rice paper
size: approx 25x25cm

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trees by the lake,

watercolour on wc paper
size: 21x30cm
$30 p&p worldwide included

I simply had to make a painting with spring colours this last week before I resigned myself to autumn colours or rather no leaves at all on many trees.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

here are two versions of a painting I made on a very thin japanese batic paper I found in Florence. The second image is of it with light shining through it after I put it on a window. the first one is it laying on a white paper. The paper is incredibly absorbant and near totally see through - a very interesting surface to explore more. I relaly enjoyed the effects that can be created with this paper. The ink is from chinese ink stick grounded on my new proper ink stone.

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

One of the things I always visit when I am abroad is old churces. The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore was definately among the most beautiful ones I have seen. Here is a link to wikipedias article on it

Of course I took lots and lots of photos but to really do great photos inside these big buildings you need better cameras than my travel one.
Well one thing I kept reminding me was that I do need to buy those binoculars so that I can see properly the great paintings high high up on walls and on the ceilings like this part of the fresco in the ceiling of the building next to the duomo..

Outside the duomo as well as most places in Florence you see these groups of watercolourists painting on the street and selling the painting.

Monday, October 15, 2007

For more on my trip you will have to wait untill tomorrow.

One thing was very noticable in Tuscan art and that was the use of 3 plants; the red poppy, the sunflower and the grapes whether in watercolour, on ceramics or whatever. I therefore found it suitable for me to explore a bit with the lovely colours and shapes of the red poppy tonight.

These 4 ones are made in ink on ricepaper. I'll prpbably do a few in watercolours this week because that will leave me more control and the possible use of more details.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You might wonder, did I get any art done? Of course.

Naturally the conditions were not that suited for it but I worked on my art. Also yesterday when I returned. The results will be posted bit by bit as the theme in posts is suitable.

This first image is a watercolour painting on watercolour paper 20x30 cm in the series I have been working on.

This second image of the red birds was inspired by all things by a neat fridge magnet I bought in Florence. It is watercolours on rice paper. I am not into gold or expensive leather but I collect special fridge magnets or ear rings. Their sizes suits my wish to bit by bit going more minimalistic materially.

This last one is one I was very happy about but which I ruined last night trying to wet it and brush out the wrincles. I tried to do it as shown on tutorials but I must have done something wrong because the paper broke on all three papers I worked on. Well, I figured this means I need to play a bit with collages LOL soon if I keep doing this.

the lounge area where we went down to the breakfast room in the Contessina

The next morning started with a lovely breakfast at the Contessina, after which I went out to double check that the room I was promised the day before was still available. Same street Via Faenza third floor, probably an appartment turned into one of the typical minihotels in Italy. Once more a lovely landlady. This was the quietest room of my trip. (unfortunately she only had one available for the one night) Since my room was not quite ready I took off to check out the nabourhood.

Standing outside my hotel I had the central train station are behind me, the roads towards the markets and the old city to the right, In front of me I had a few street with a slightly more normal meaning a tiny tad less touristy area and to the left I did not know so I took off in that direction. On the map there seemed to be only a few things in that direction like a garden or something. What i found was Fortezza de Basso, an old fort which I wish I could have taken a better look inside of.

It had a big moat and I could imagine it being very important in times of war.

Walking around this fortress I found this lovely garden where I sat down.

Behind me these trees.

In front of me this lovely garden and in front of that a big several laned road with blaring sirens of the ambulances. Quite a combination.
Here is a link to one of the places with more info

I started by putting away my stuff at the Residence La Contessina Via Faenza 71n (my apartment). Here you will see images of the place including my kitchen and my bed and get all the other info you could want about a place with lovely service and landlady.

With my small nylon backpack I then went out to explore. I totally love markets so since I could see one close by according to the map, I naturally headed in that direction. The first market stalls are always fun and I enjoyed myself a lot. The only thing that disappointed me after a while in Florence was that very little of things in the stalls were original crafts - 99 % was factory made so those selling rarely had had anything to do with production which I found a pity. Initially I had believed it to be one market place but after a few days I realised that most of the historical part of Florence had these stalls - lots of glass jewellery, leather and that special porcelaine was what you saw the most. Some also had handmade books kind of things. Besides from leather SHAWLS were what was sold everywhere. I must admit I ended up bringing home a few LOL - thinking LOL that I could use some as table cloths if I ended up not wearing them. had to do some shopping you know LOL and since I am not into leather and gold . . . .

There were also quite a few street artists around - most of them painted city or Tuscan landscapes in watercolour. This one spray painted. I also got a nice talk with one of the watercolour artists in this market area.

Strolling around I ended up passing the Duomo - The Saint Mary Cathedral - Duomo cattedrale di santa Maria del fiore (in Italian).

These two pages will tell you all about it much better than I can. Definately a place I will study much closer on a later trip. Then I will also walk to the top of either the dome or the tower on the side, 4oosomething steps at the top but a wonderful view I was told. I did the top of the St Peter church in Rome and The Doumo in Milano. Definately worth it.

I did not go inside this day but the next day. Just taking in and walking among all those incredible buildings was more than enough for a first day, travel weary too.

The street seller ladies were very busy here and I must admit that this lady was quite good at it and I ended up with a couple of things LOL.

I kept walking towards the river and stopped for dinner at la Piazza della Signora. For more info and better close ups of the famous statues here, use the link.

As you can see there is a mixtue of the old and the new.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tuesday I left for Tuscany. I was so lucky with the weather and the flight. I had the most amazing views of the Alps as we flew over them. Fortunately I had a window seat on the plane :-).

The second photo is as we go in for landing in Pisa. I was amazed to see that there were so many challels crisscrossing the area, looking like roads from above. The landscape was very flat but with nice rolling hills around it lal the way as I took a bus to Florenze.

I had not booked a hotel in advance because I saw that there were lots and lots of them on the net and I did not know where I wanted to stay. Unfortunetely for me, the tourist office did not do reservations like I was used to in Roma and Milano so I had to start walking and asking. I also did not know that this was high season SO . . . everyone said, sorry no sinlge rooms but they had suites. In he end I ended up getting this appartment, (photo 3) for the first night. I just decided on the spur that i just wanted to settle down and go out to see the sights. It was kind of lovely to live decently the first night.

The fourth image is a watercolour on watercolour paper that I painted that night inspired by the Alps. I do intend to paint many more from those reference photos in the future. More on Florenze in my next post.

Loud visitor in my garden - Nøtteskrike (nut yeller directly translated from Norwegian LOL)

A Watercolour on watercolour paper 21x30 cm ( A4), $30 p&p worldwide
This one I painted before I left for Tuscany Thuesday. I will give you an account on my trip and share some photos and links with you as soon as I find the time, get my camera's battery charged and catch up on some sleep.
Great news, "arrogant bird" will also get a home. I only wait for an address

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

acrylics on artist canvas panel 18x24cm

$ 100 p&p worldwide included

I will not be posting for a few days now. Hopefully I will have something interesting to show you closer to the weekend

Sunday, October 07, 2007

falco tinnunculus female Common Kestrel - Tårnfalk

Watercolour on watercolour paper , size A4, This one is painted moalisticre realistic and not in the chinese brush painting style like several of my other birds lately. The tree however is more in that style - simplefied. Isn't she a beauty? This species is one of the few brids where the female is more colourful than the male.
I plan on framing this one and displaying it on mynext exhibition ules I sell it online. Price: $60 p&p worldwide included