Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I thought this one which I painted acouple of weeks ago would be suited now since we have just celebrated the International Women's Day (8th )

In the Womb - Abstract in Red in oils
Oil on artist canvas panel 24x30cm
$100 p&p worldwide included

This is Magpie in her new home in Sweden. She is very happy coming to a room where everything else is also in black and white LOL.

Saleswise today has been very good. During the day my school had a skiing day at Gautefall Alpine Center. Among all the lifts, cafées and skirentals there is also the Gautefall Sentral, an art and crafts store where I have some of my work exhibitioned. Naturally I visited. And the lady working there made my day telling me I had sold two of my framed encaustic art works this weekend.
Arriving home I had to relist a few items on ebay and put them in store. While working on this I suddenly realized that 2 items ending at the same time had sold in the last minutes of the auctions, so the next hour I happily packed and sent invoice etc. In other workds a very nice day. Trine