Friday, January 18, 2008

I am so sorry. What happened was that as usual I got lost into painting and lost track of time and my plan to take photos step by step to show you. So I am sorry this only ended up being a 2 step demonstration.

I am fairly satisfied with the results because I think I managed my goal of making it calm, quiet and relaxing. The clouds are soft and light and the ocean calm without waves.

The rocky beach is deserted but with more textures so that the painting did not end up totally without any "bite".

I decided on making the sun very distant and small because I did not want this to become a typical sunset painting.

Sorry about some flash refelctions from the camera. Without the flash I get a perfect image but the blue colour is lost - sith the flash some reflections when taking the photo on wet paint ona black background. By the way, what you see as only black is also blue tinted so there is no harsh clean black here.

Sun Sinking into the Blue,
mediaum: oil on canvas panel
size: 30x40cm (~12x16in)
Price: $150
p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE