Sunday, January 06, 2008

It has been awhile since I worked in socalled encaustic art so it was lovely to play around with this medium again. For those of you not knowing what it is, it is different ways of using melted wax to create images or add in addition to paint. What is special is that it is kind of an alive medium when melted because it dries so quickly, so to some extent you can not control it thouroughly. It is totally impossible to make two paintings the same when using the technique that is used on these two works simply because the wax would not stick to the same spot in exactly the same amount the second time around.
There is one problem: It is very difficult to photograph thses works because the wax is so shiny. The colours are clearer in the original.

no 8/08 Hillside
encaustic art
size: postcard/A6

no 9/08 January Magic,
encaustic art
Miniature art,
7x9 cm
$4 p&p is FREE

More snow today


ameros said...
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ameros said...

I have not known that technique... the effects are really impressive. I like it a lot...


blh said...

I had never before heard of encaustic art, but after I read what you wrote about it and saw your examples, I researched it. I even saw a slide show that demonstrated the painting process. This looks like it is an extremely difficult medium and I respect you greatly not only for experimenting in it, but for producing such beautiful works already!