Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few days ago I saw a special image on The image showed a hand with a bracelet with the words "faith" on it and Lindy the poster told us that her sister in law had one with "hope" on. They had agreed not to take them off until the sister in law was done with chemo.

That story inspired this painting and of course it will be sent Lindy when it is dry.

Faith Hope and Love Fighting Illness,

medium: oil on canvas panel

size: 18x24cm

not for sale - it can obviously only have one home.
I really experienced tonight how cultural differences can make communication difficult. I said something I meant as a huge compliment and unfortunately due to bad wording and cultural insensivity on my part I ended up hurting a lady I would not for the world hurt. I have appologized and I ask you to pray or cross fingers depending on your preference that she will forgive me because I would hate it if this escalates.

I write in English but I am Norwegian and English is my second language and I might insult without meaning it. Please if I should happen to write something that you feel is hurtful in any way then email me and I will immedeately try to fix it.

In this painting I chose to focus on the cultural and lingvistic differences between Men from Mars and Women from Venus.

The Difficult Communication,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm


blh said...

This is an extremely unsettling painting. To me a man and a woman are arguing and feeling extremely angry. This is shown by the intense red, the swirls of paint that show lack of internal peace, and the man's angry expression that is made very ugly by the shapes of his gold eyes and mouth. The woman is angry, too, but she is also afraid, I think, because although he is leaning forward toward her, her body is leaning a little backward, away from his. I think that this painting shows how a male/female relationship can become a negative one in which the man has more power because of his greater physical strength, financial strength, or whatever the power is that he has over the woman.

Trine said...

I too find it unsettling and LOl I am the one who painted it. I am very happy with the effect because it was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot for you comments. You express the interpretations so well.