Saturday, January 19, 2008

I was so happy this morning because finally I could see the sun and finally it happened when I was home so that I oculd get a few proper photos of my art.

In the Corner,
medium: oil on canvas
size: 18x24cm
I was unsure a long time whether I wanted to sell or not but ended up selling after a year. This one I would have liked to be one of the paintings representing me if I should be interviewed again or have something written about me in a book. THAT is how satisfied I am with it.


blh said...

This gorgeous abstract is one that I would keep, if I were its artist, and that I would buy, if I had more money at the present time! Like other paintings of the artist's which I especially like, the individual painted has non-distinctive features. The person can be anyone and the scene, an individual crouching while facing a corner, can have multiple interpretations. The painting might be showing someone who is being punished, fairly or unfairly, because that is the traditional meaning of being put in a corner. The painting can also show a person who is punishing himself or herself for some reason, valid or not, or it can represent someone who is "in a corner" financially, in a relationship, or for any other reason. The questions that the painting poses to me are: Why is the person in the corner and why does the person stay there? No matter what interpretation I give to the painting, it pulls me into it emotionally because of the starkness of the scene, the figure's abject body language, the distinctive contrast between the two colors used, and the beautiful contrast between the rigid, linear environment and the figure's beautifully fluid body.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

it evokes sadness in me. Loneliness.

Trine said...

Thank you both. I too find the painting a strong emotional one.