Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold weather and snow today. Juppi! Not! Besides that I have had a nice weekend with lots of ideas for my Pink and Blue birds

Pink and Blue Bird in Boat I
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils
$12 p&p is FREE

Saturday, January 30, 2010

These days I really enjoy myself doing these miniatures. I hope you too enjoy seeing the love story unfold towards Valentine's Day. Today has been a day of rest and restoration where I have relaxed and drawn and painted and not much else besides trying to keep the house warm. Another cold spell her now.

Pink and Blue Bird - Hiding the Flowers
watercolour pencils
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
$15 p&p is FREE
worldwide as always
Below are some ideas I have been working on today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I enjoy very much doing these miniature works. I hope you like them too.

Blue Bird Picking Flowers for Pink Bird
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils's picture

Went to see the Physiotherapist today. LOL we both had to laugh when we found out that I had been on that waiting list since late September. I would of course have gotten an appointment earlier if it had been more of a crisis and if I had nagged a bit heheh. The good thing is that the arm is fairly good so I do not need that wavesomething treatment in the next town. :-)

She also gave me good advice on how to adjust some of my training to avoid triggering it to be a problem again. For example which of the 3 possibilities on the seated row machine would put the least strain on my problem areas.

I will also attend a back and neck special 2 hour long training on Monday and Friday mornings that she will be holding. She thinks that will be good for many of my different medical problems. :-). She also gave me some nice exercises to do with a training ball. Unfortunately the sports shop told me they would not get my new one in before Wednesday. The old one got slashed to shreds when one of my cats chased an other one and the first one landed on it with claws stretched out.

Went straight from the physio to the gym.
40 min on treadmill, speed 5.4, incline 2.5 maxHR: 144
15 min various strength

Off to the shops and returned home with several kilos of fresh vegs so I made creamed cauliflower soup (low fat naturally) and added shrimps to get the protein in. Soups are such comfort food for some reason and makes a nice treat at the end of a working week. I made a big pot so I can keep fetching new portions during tonight and tomorrow. While it cooked I did the most necessary of housework. All in all a good days work.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And my Pink Birds series keeps up the build up towards valentine's Day.
Blue Bird takes Pink Bird on a date

Pink Bird - At the Bar
watercolour pencils
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
$12 p&p is FREE's picture

Knees have been complaining a bit today especially when walking up the stairs, but hopefully they will toughen up soon. That as well as my other muscles keep confirming that walking on loose snow really makes the muscles work very differently than walking on a firm surface for the foot to kick off from each step.

Walked 53 minutes outdoors.
Strength 30 minutes
Chest Press Machine: 1 12.00 12
Lat Pulldown: 1 33.00 12 2 33.00 5 3 26.00 5(not happy that I could not finish the sets I started)
Seated Cable Row 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12 3 26.00 12 (did all 3 versions of the grip)
Leg Press 1 155.00 12 2 155.00 12

Food and water.
Content is good but I still tend to eat too little for the two first meals of the day.

Weather forecast is for nearly 2 weeks of colder weather as well as quite a bit of wind. I will certainly have to get out my longlegged, longsleeved superunderwear if I am to keep doing my walking outdoors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wouldn't it be lovely if someone serenated us? Preferably someone who could sing and for me preferably someone with a bass voice LOL.

Pink Bird The Serenating


watercolour pencils
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Weather was cold and windy today but with a beautiful and clear sky with a nearly full moon. I nearly did not go when I realized how biting the wind was, but in the end I put on multilayers and decided to at least do a very short one. It ended up being 1h27min :-) on a snowy surface which means that it resembles walking on sand a bit in how the muscles have to work. I could feel it all the way from my toes to my hips when I was done.

Day by day, walk by walk, training by training, meal by meal I will get there.

I very much look forward to the time when my muscles will allow me to increase speed much more because at the moment muscles and joints are more of a stopper than breathing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Pink Bird is getting to know Blue Bird closer, or rather it seems that Blue Bird gets to know her a bit mroe than him LOL

Pink Bird - Sitting in the living room
watercolour pencils
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
p%p is FREE

The physiotherapist called me and apologised for the very very very long wait. They had been very busy. In short I am to see her Friday to see whether the tendonitis is "active" at the moment. If so I will get appointments in the city for some kind of ...wave treatment they have there which is supposed to be very good. After that she will help me get specialized exercises to build the arm up as well as prevent the inflammations to return HOPEFULLY.

No outdoor walking today - too cold again. I need to stay indoors and try to heat up the house as much as possible. One of the doorframes is getting wrong for its door again. Fortunately the forecast is for a short cold spell this time :-). Also going to the gym is out of the question for two reasons. One is as I said me needing to monitor a couple of the extra ovens needed in the cold. Secondly, I am pretty sore after yesterday's workout which is good but a signal to take it a bit easy today

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Bird - Skating II
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils
p&p is FREE
One of my students told me this was called a Heel Flip

Did it Anyway's picture

Today I was not very motivated for a visit to the Gym, but I did it anyway. 10 extra points for me ;-).

cardio: 35min
strength + flexibility 45 min

Exercise : Set Weight Reps
Chest Press Machine: 1 12.00 12
Seated Cable Row : 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12
Lat Pulldown : 1 19.00 12 2 26.00 12 3 26.00 12
Leg Extension : 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12
Leg Curl : 1 33.00 12 2 33.00 12 3 33.00 12
Leg Press : 1 155.00 12 2 155.00 12 3 155.00 12

NB: Weight in kilos, 1 kg = 2.2lbs

I pushed myself a bit on the weights today and I am happy about the result. Of course it is still very early times so naturally I plan to increase the weights quite a bit more as the weeks go by. However it is hard enough for me now as it is. I can really feel the last 2-3 of the repetitions so the resistance is hard enough. Positive soreness later in the day confirms that hehehe.

I'm finding it a bit hard that so much time goes into this. It is not only the visits to the gym, but driving there, all the extra showers and changing in and out of clothes and washing of gym clothes and defreezing of car windows etc etc + for me to do this I do need to focus mentally on the journey as well and that too uses up time. I do not try to complain here, just stating the fact that 2-3 hours less available per day is noticed in the every day life.

My goal for tomorrow is very simple as usual: Do some exercise at the gym or take a long walk.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have enjoyed today immensely, drawing with the watercolour pencils I got for Christmas. The results will be shown you one by one over the next weeks. You see, I drew chicken so I guess they are more suitable closer to Easter. I really look forward to showing you them.

As for Pink Bird, she keeps enjoying her romance

Pink Bird - Holding Chocolate
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils
p&p is FREE's picture

As planned I walked outdoors today since the Gym is closed on Sundays. I walked for 1h35min. Speed was not great but my muscles tell me that I got in a good workout nevertheless, probably due to the road's surface being snow so that it was partly like walking on sand. That means that the muscles has to work differently and harder, at least that is what my cramped toes told me hehehehe.

Being a very wise lady I chose to walk on a one way forest road. That means that I walk one way untill I start to feel that I have soon had enough LOL then I have no choice but to walk the whole way back hehehehe, no matter how much my toes cramp or how fed up I get. A great way to force myself to stretch an hour's walk into one and a half one.

The weather was a bit cold and windy so this was a walk with me looking like a mummy walking with a scarf twisted 3 times around my lower face.

All in all, I am very happy about today's activity this far.

Now I need to find some energy to evaluate and grade a huge stack of students' papers, wash some clothes and do a bit of house cleaning. SIGH.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And Pink Bird's love story continues :-)

Pink Bird - Bringing Chocolate
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils
NB: Colour differences gets exaggerated by the camera.'s picture

I am happy to tell you that I noticed a difference in flexibility today. One of the everyday tasks that have been difficult for some time was easier today. It is such things that matter the most, that life in some small way becomes easier.

Sleep was interruptet 3 times last night but since I did not have to get up early I managed to catch up on some of the deficit which was one of my primary goals for today. Stress and lack of sleep are among the worst things to sabotage health projects so both are major priority areas for me.

That meant that I only managed to drop into the gym 30 minutes before closing time but having a bit of a lay in was so worth it. I spent those minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow I hope to do some walking outdoors as well as shovel some snow.

Foodwise I have made myself a Saturday treat today: A heathy version of Chicken Tikka Masala with wild rice. It tasted wonderfully and looked great

Tikka Masala, lazy persons recipe

100 g Thinly sliced carrots
100 g cut chinese cabbage
200 g chicken
100 g pinapple and juice
200 g Uncle Ben's Tikka Masala (jar)

200 g wild rice

Very satisfying both nutritionally as well as psycologically. Got it all: the meat, the fruit, the vegs and the starchy carbs. In addition both the sweet, the spicy and the creamy taste as well as looking visually good. Things like that do matter a lot when on food plans.

I had bought myself a new titanium covered frying pan so only 2 kcal of fat was added during the cooking. :-).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jippii weekend!!! Now I look forward to enjoying myself imagining my Pink bird in different settings.

Pink Bird With Beau Shy
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
watercolour pencils
p&p is FREE

I decided to have a day of rest and recovery after work today. I got a phone at 2 a.m. and was not able to go to sleep again before 5ish resulting in a night of about 4 hours sleep after some nights before this week with unrestful night.

All in all I decided to skip the gym today and concentrate on getting rested. If conditions outdoors had been less icy I would have taken a walk.

I have also concentrated on getting larger amounts of water in today. SO ...

Water :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spending time deicing car and removing snow from it, I must admit a day on the beach in a warm country can be tempting.

Pink Bird - On the Beach ACEO
watercolour pencils
p&p is FREE's picture

Sleep continues to be a problem. The least times my sleep has been interruptet this week is 3 times per night. That means that most night I get about 6 hours sleep and quite a bit of that is not deep, proper sleep but twisting and turning a bit in half sleep as well.

I think that is the reason why after an hour enjoying myself at the gym I suddenly felt so tired and had to end my visit prematurely. It could also be that the room was too warm. LOL I prefer to produce the heat myself in the gym.

I got in 35 min of treadmill, light cardio level HR: 130

Leg press 1x12x125kg, 1x12x135gk and 1x12x145kg
Lat pull down: 2x12x19kg 1x12x26kg 1x10x26kg
Tried chest press but had to give up today. Arm would not cooperate

I have had a bit of extra meetings and extra chores at work this week too. That too drains some energy.

Goal for tomorrow: Do something physical at the gym.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the story continues

Pink Bird The proposal
watercolour pencils
ACEO 2.5x3.5inches
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And my Pink Bird's romance continues . . . . and will continue for a while

Pink Bird - The Kiss, ACEO,
watercolour pencils,
p&p is FREE's picture

Here is today's strength training. Duration: 1:30:00 653 kcal

I also did 35 minutes on the treadmill, fatburning level, HR 120: ca 200kcal

All are displayed with set nr weight and reps

Chest Press Machine 1 12.00 12 2 12.00 12

Triceps Pushdown 1 12.00 12

Triceps Extension Machine 1 12.00 12

Leg Extension 1 26.00 12

Leg Curl 1 33.00 12

Leg Press 1 135.00 12 2 145.00 12 3 155.00 12 4 155.00 12

Front Lat. Pull-Down 1 19.00 12 2 19.00 12

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have been playing around with an earlier figure of mine - The Pink Lady Bird. In this series She meets romance.

Pink Bird - The meeting, ACEO,
watercolour pencils,
p&p is FREE's picture

I've had a couple of bad nights with trouble getting to sleep as well as awakening 3-10 times during the night - each time it took some time to be able to get to sleep again. It was very hard finding a position for my bad arm that felt comfortable.

Today I have taken a chance and done some upper body work as well in the gym.

about 2 hours in total
35 min treadmill, medium intensity. HR 133-140

seated leg press

Seated leg curl

Triceps ???? ( the one where you pull down all the way from high up to the chest while leaning back a bit.)

Triceps Pulldown

Chest press

Seated Row

Leg extension

Lots and lots of stretching

Now the big question is how my arm will react.

I will do some foot exercises while watching tv tonight, using the "torture stick".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pink Bird by the Dresser, ACEO,
p&p is FREE

A page from my sketchbook with ideas I might develope into something

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Rocker,
encaustic art,
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Even though today was a grey day with ice drops coming down together with the wind, I had a lovely day seeing lovely shapes along the way. I hope you too like what I saw.

's picture

To loosen up a bit of the stiffness in my body I exchanged the Gym for outdoor walking today. It was grey, cold with tiny ice drops in the wind and I LOVED IT!. hehehehe.
I brought my mp3player along and my camera so I got visual as well as audiatory help in enjoying this walk. It did well too physically. Much less stiff afterwards. :-). My arm is not well though which is kind of annoying.

Food: Good
Water: Good

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream of Exitement,
encaustic art,
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Since all of us had stayed a bit too much indoors on the cold cold days we decided to plan for some outdoor activities. Today the students brought ice skates and played hockey.