Monday, January 28, 2008

I do love my blue landscapes and sice I also love the ocean and the mountains so naturally I am very pleased with this one. I plan on making mroe in a series focusing on the polar landscapes and the ice and the blue light.

I love my life as an artist but I must admit that some days are incredibly hard. The time is past 11 p.m tonight and I still have a couple of hours of preparation and rapport writing work to do before I can go to bed. Tonight that is hard. I am tired and not very motivated. I do not mind the work but giving it all to BOTH the painting and my job as a teacher, is a bit much sometimes.

Polar Seascape,
medium: oil on canvas panel,
size: 24x30cm


blh said...

This is a magnificent painting, in my opinion! It looks the way that fjords look in the photographs that I have seen in various magazines, although this painting is much more dramatically beautiful because of its gorgeous blue on blue color palette. This use of the various shades of blue, ranging from a deep blue that is almost black to a delicate blue that is nearly white, makes the work positively stunning! This painting is a true eye-catcher in the best sense of the term!