Friday, January 04, 2008


On the 7th of january last year I got in contact with Lori Leidig, an American freelance journalist living in Sweden. That in turn lead to me doing a painting commision for her as well as selling her a couple of other works later. Her liking my work lead in turn to her wanting to interview me. In the end that interview was posted in Teen Trend Magazine autumn 2007. (see images under).

On the 18th of January 2007 I joined the Daily Painters.

Today, about a year later from all this, a journalist from Bergens Tiende the biggest reginal newspaper in Norway, Arild Berg Karlsen, called asking me about the daily painters. LOL when you live in a very small pond it does not take much to get a tad unsettled in such situations hehe. I must admit I think I kind of talked a bit too much too fast. Anyway I think I answered fairly OK. I am very excited, we have been talking a lot lately within the daily painters lately about where dp will go, what it is, and similar topics. This interest from a Norwegian newspaper fits right into what is going on within dp.

Personally this also means a lot. The start of january 2007 gave me the courage to enter the daily painters' challenge and now I am facing year two where I will reduce my day job for a year from august. I have already done the financial reorganizations neccessary. This phone call is to me a signal that it is right for me to take my art one step further in 2008 by being a signal of a fact that things are happening and will happen. Only time will tell how 2008 turn out but I am very happy that this might lead to more Norwegians enjoying dp.

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