Monday, May 31, 2010

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Once more we climbed/hiked up to Langmyrheia. This was the fourth time this spring. :-). This time we were three.

More photos later

2 h Orienteering today finding post 26, 27 and 28. The walking included walking in areas with lots of vegetation as well as bare places and climbing over and under fallen trees

Sunday, May 30, 2010

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One of the Top Ten trips is going to a place called Vrålstadheia, where the top itself where this route goes is called Aksla. The first part of the route is along a tractor road. When that ends the path gets steeper and a more narrow forest path leads up into the hills. Along the route I try not to be in such a hurry that I miss the lovely views even though my breathing sometimes LOL sounds louder in my ears than the sound of the birds and the brocks. Soon we hope to hike all the way to the top but this day we stopped halfway there on a smaller top.

The adminitrators have made such nice wooden signs to use at the start of each route.

It has become quite normal to see snakes along our route. Fortunately I am not afraid but my walking buddy is not too happy about it. In Norway we only have 1 poisonous snake. Hoggormen (Vipera berus) but the most common "snake" is not really a snake but a lizard without legs: Stålorm Anguis fragilis (worm of steel) . I think all those we have seen this far is the last variation. Cats enjoy catching and eating these so probably a cat has killed and dragged the leftovers into the path here.

Here I am pointing towards Viksheia, the first top we did.

As usual the signing of the book in the mailbox is the high point of the trip hehehe.

We started our trip just behind Bø skule by the sports field.

Terrain was varied, some parts were rocky path.

As we got higher we started to get abit of a view.

My walking companion was not too happy when we met this little fellow, but it was even more scared for us and "run" away quickly.

This wiev is towards Roennomnibben. To the right, at the base of that Top formation is Skarveberget, one of the other Top ten trips (see blog post)

I love twisted trees so much more that the perfectly pruned ones. They are like stories about life.

Then we came to the top. Not a high one as you can see, only 165moh.

This is a socalled Gapahuk. A kind of open shed. Many of the children's schools have built them within a fair walking distance to the schools and classes walk up there bringing sausages and such and enjoy themselves. Often they also have biology lessons connected to these Gapahuks.
As usual we sign the book in the mailbox

On our way down be catch glimpses of the community below.

This church, Bø kyrkje is where my son was baptised and then confirmated 6 years ago.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink and Blue Bird in Bed VI ACEO
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Short but steep hike which gave the calves the necessary exercise today hehehe.

Today we went a bit further and crossed the county line a tad. As you can see if you follow our hike, the view from the top was spectacular.

Part of the path was like this an old tractor road in the open.

Other parts went along more marsh landscape. I had to make improvised booths because my old gore tex shoes are not water tight. Amazing what a couple of elastics and a couple of plastic bags can do.

As we got higher, we started to get a bit of a view before we at last caught sight of the tower at the top

As you can see the view was spectacular.

The only problem was that there was no book to sign and we though someone had nicked it for fun. To find out we made a few phone calls and fortunately the reason was one that made us a bit proud. We were the first to do this route this year so they had not yet found time to put the book out.

Walking down again we met this lovely couple. The girl is one of my graduate students and she and her father was on their way up with the aforementioned signing book. We were therefore able to do as we use to do and get it signed :-).

Dead trees and roots and tvigs too has their beauty for the eyes open for it.
I very mych hope you enjoy coming along on my trips and that I can inspire you to put on your shoes and find one for yourself.