Saturday, January 19, 2008

So sorry, again me, the paint and the painting knife went into anothe dimention, so this one two you only get in 2 steps. This one two has a blue background. I said initially that I did not know whether I anted it to be a land or dep ocean plant. The way it ended I still have not decided. By making the leaves semiabstract they can be whatever the viewer want them to be and I like that style or hehehe rather that style takes control over me.

Again sorry about photo flash reflections.

Gently Swinging Blue Leaves,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 24x30cm (~10"x12")
price: $ 100
p&p worldwide with International Priority Mail (4-7 days) is FREE


blh said...

I greatly enjoy paintings that leave their interpretation up to the viewer. In my mind this plant will remain either a water plant or a land plant, depending upon my mood. I do not feel that some or even many of the paintings that are around me must have only one interpretation. It is much more enjoyable for me to be able to adapt a painting to my own mood. By the way, I love your blue on blue paintings!