Thursday, January 31, 2008

These stormy days when the New Year Celebration in China is threatened and people have to stay indoors in Jerusalem because the palms as wel as the whole city is covered in snow, I was inspired to make this painting.

I chose to make it very blended because I did not wantt o make it dramatic. Still we hope that this extreme weather will not become the norm.

This is the third of my larger paintings this year and I'll probably explore the blended effects a bit more. The second one is also a blue blended one.

medium: oil on gallery wrapped cancas, painted on the sides so it is ready to hang
size. 50x60cm
p&p worldwide is included


blh said...

This blue on blue painting of the unusual and positively strange weather that we have been having all over the world is very expressive of how almost everyone feels about their weather. The darker blue "lines" heading toward each other may or may not collide, but there is no way to tell what will happen, like with our weather despite our sophisticated scientific equipment. Naturally, this would be an excellent painting for a weatherman because it presents in visual form the impossibility of very accurate preditions that are based on something that has so many variables. It also is a beautiful painting for anyone who would like to look at it as a question: will the cloudy lines collide or won't they? The lines can represent the variables of anything and one can have them collide or avoid each other in any way that one wishes. If I lived with this painting, I would see it as the focus of a game that is played in my mind.

Trine said...

As time goes I start to see other things. What I now like the most in this painting is that it is painted blurred. As many of you know - I like to have more than one layer of meaning to my paintings and also that each painting also has an emotional or psycological side. "turbulence" can be weather or emotions, it can be the turbulence in the discussion whether climatic change is the cause of all the storms and whether it iscaused by man or not. Today for me it is mostly about how blurred and confusing turbulent thoughts often are.