Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bergens Tiende article

This is what the article in Bergens Tiende looks like. And some information gathered from their home page: "Circulation/readers
Bergens Tidende has the largest number of subscribers outside Oslo, in addition to newsstand sales. The newspaper has 253,000 readers daily. The circulation is 87,076 daily copies (2006). "

Bergens Tiende online

Click the image and you will get a large version

Big Painting update
The monster size project is put aside for a while while the person interested has a rethink after getting the necessary information.

Nevertheless, I am very happy because I will be painting big anyway, not that big but do a few in 2x3feet or 3x4feet and maybe a bit bigger than that but still within a more normal size range. I am thnakful to this person for having triggered me to begin to think in bigger terms.

And LOL made me start playing around with the theme he was interested in and the result "Anguish" posted at midnight was sold this morning hehehe. So yes very happy.

"In the womb" update
Before Christmas the story started. Barbara, a lovely lady and soon to be granmother fell for the painting "In the Womb" and bought it because to her it represented her unborn granchild.
She is an art collector and printed out several versions of the image while waiting for it. This January when she wanted to frame and put it up in her group she could not find it, she and her friend spent ages searching for it. You all know how it is during the holidays where we tidy away stuff and especially thos ethings we value the most and put aside in smart places. . . . .
She could not find it and was very upset. I was then asked to do a copy. The thing is that I can't do copies but I can make something in the same style or with the same subject matter and I promised to try.

The result was "In the womb II and III" A couple of days after that the first painting arrived. It had not been mislaid by this lady but by the postal service during the holiday frenzy. She had looked at it so many times that she had not been sure whether she had received it or not. The story ended well. Now I have 2 more painting. They might join the first one or they might end up in your home. Barbara feels that they should be given a chance to go to someone else but she would also appreciate having the series. Time will tell. It would be fun to hear what yoru favourite is. I, II or III