Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here is a second warm landscape for you to enjoy I hope :-)

Warm Landscape - Trees in Sunset
acrylics on preprimed artist canvas panel 18x24cm
$115 incl packing and postage worldwide

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today I needed to paint with warm colours and ended up working layer by layer in acrylics to get the warm feeling I craved. The base of my thumb turned quite blue and swollen and earlier today everything was difficult to do but it seemed that it improved as soon as the swelling was done and I managed to paint today which I am very very happy about.

I really hope you will enjoy the warm colours and that seeing the painting will be a comfort for those that do not love winter.

Warm Landscape - Straws in Sunset

acrylics on artist panel boards 18x24cm

$ 115 including postage worldwide

I also worked on 4 new ACEOs in the same style. $ 11 incl postage worldwide

ACEO ATC 24 - Warm Landscape 1

ACEO ATC 25 - Warm Landscape 2

ACEO ATC 27 - Warm Landscape 4

ACEO ATC 26 - Warm Landscape 3

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oil on canvas box 30x40cm, painted on the sides so it is ready to hang if you do not want to frame it $200 incl postage

Today at volleyball practice I hurt my thumb - maybe badly - tomorrow will tell. So tonight I will post an earlier work for you to enjoy. earlier today I sent 5 ACEO for a trading circle I've joined, some to USA, one to Australia and one to india. Can't wait to see the ones I get in return :-))) I sent a sunset, a blue landscape, two flower ones and a hedgehog card. I hope the receipients will enjoy them. I really hope the thumb is just brused so that I can draw or paint again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yesterday as you can see, I ended up working mainly with blue - again. These are not my favorites but I said in my info at one point that I would post also the ones I was not that happy about. Someitmes viewers agree sometimes they totally disagree. An artist frined of mine called the cards folk art. Me I think of them as being of a naivistic style. You'll just have to make up your own mind about them :-)

Silhuette of Bird in Blue
oil on canvas panel 18x24cm
$50 incl postage

Each of the cards are $10 + postage

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Meditative Blue Mountain
Oil on quality artist panel board 24x30cm
$ 150 incl postage and packing

Today I have been working both on this canvas panel 24x30cm and on miniatures, the so called artist trading cards which are 2.5x3.5inches. I really hope you will like them.

I also added this one which I pained Thursday.

They all turned out incredible well and I'll say something I usually find hard to say about my work. These cards I'll be proud to put in a toploader and an envelope after they dry and send them out into the big world.

This Blue Moon Seascape ACEO sold Sunday 11th of Febr. on ebay.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tonight I have been playing with miniature painting and since we are getting nearer to Valentines day I thought I would play around painting Pink and red roses or flowers. Here are 4 of the five I made.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This week the temperature here where I live in Norway have been between -10-20 degrees celsius so I had to paint with warm colours dreaming about a warm sun. My car is in the garage. The engine for the heater fan was broken. Sounds like a tiny part but bill was horrendous. I hope weather treats you nicely whereever you are and that needed tools and vehicles stay in action hehehe
Calm Seascape in Yellows, oil on an acrylics basic sketch
painted on preprimes artist canvas panel 18x24cm.
$110 incl postage and shipping

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

These days the weather is very cold here so I thought a cold wintery scene would be nice.

Blue Winter series 10 - Lake By the Mountains
oil on preprimed artist canvas panel 18x24 cm
$100 incl postage

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is a painting I did as a study of how different birds fly and hold their wings when flying. I got a lovely reference photo my friends Tony Close had taken which had a wonderful dynamic bird. I hope you like it. At present I have about 25 bird books laying around open of different pages.

I do dream of capturing the top divers curtise in oils before valentines day. We'll see.

Seagull Flying Down Towards Beach

acrylics on canvas on wedged frame 25x30cm,

painted on the sides and ready to hang

$ 100 all included

Monday, January 22, 2007

Birds in Silouette in Sunset
Acrylics on preprimed canvas panel 18x24cm
$100 incl handling and postage

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I always love to see step by step myself so i thought I would show others this one. This hedgehog was made by applying many layers, one on top of the other to try to create the feeling of muliti layer prickly fur. I iwll show you only three steps here. The very first step is to get an idea which I got from Lori Leidig this time. Her photo was of an African hedgehog I think. The I started studying images of hedgehogs through books and goggle. This phase is often very time consuming and LOL i sometimes wonder what the librarian think when I arrive at his desk with 12 bird books or something like that just to return for 7 books about cats the next week.

The reason I use many many images and many many books is that I want to get the charachteristics and at the same time avoid as much similarity to any photo as possible. I am fortunate to have lots of lovely friends online which freely allow me to use their photos as inspiration or reference too. You are all great and I really appreciate it. These things are very important because I try my very best to avoid breaking any copyright.

Since hedgehogs in Norway are usually seen in the grass in the garden any hedgehog in grass photo will be similar to all other photos of hedgehogs in a garden and also any painting of the same topic, so with this painting almost all photographers could say that my work is similar to theirs. But by using many, many images I can safely say that I have only used idea: in grass which is the choice of the hedgehogs and the anatomy which is God or nature's copyright :-).

I hope you'll enjoy it. You can see that I had to change eye placement and shape of the snout because it was wrong in step 2.

Norwegian Hedgehog in Grass
Acrylics on canvas on wedged frame (ready to hang)
Price: $110 all shipping costs included - SOLD

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another one in my Blue Winter series. There probably will be quite a few because there is something about the combination of blue tones together with white that I think I will need a long time to be finih\shed exploring. I hope you like it.

Blue Winter Series 9 - Snowcovered Trees
Oil on preprimed artist canvas panel 18x24 cm
Price: $100 /650Nkr all included

Today I have been studying geese in flight, take off and landing. Here are my first two geese oil paintings. I'll probably make a few more this weekend. I plan of having a painting weekend this week too since my kids do not plan on coming home. Too busy :-)

Geese Flying Over Beach
Oil on preprimed canvas panel 24x30cm

Goose Flying over Water

oil on preprimed canvas panel 18x24 cm

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Joined Daily Painters today - I am so proud to be part of a community with so many wonderful artists. So let's celebrate. This painting is the oil painting on canvas paper I did after my very first day at the very first exhibition when I was totally dizzy from all the kind words and a single glass of wine.
My life since then has been a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs - mainly ups. Joining daily Painters is a high curve upwards.

And for your notice (as my son said I needed to say that June) - this is a BOTTLE being dizzy. For some strange reason the middle aged ladies there went bananas and they did NOT see a bottle.

As you probably have noticed, I am in a blue period thus the blue background. This one I painted last weekend. My mum has this in second place at the moment as her favourite after "Abstract Blue landscape" which she fell for.

Trees on Blue background,

oil on preprimed canvas panel board 18x24cm

Prize: $110 /710 Nkr incl packing and postage

Sometimes I have to wait a day ro two to post simply because I need proper daylight to get decent photos of my work. Very annoying sometimes late at night when I have been working and lost track of time and when I really want to post a work but can't get the photo right. I have been painting two more landscapes in the Blue Winter series too (no 10+11). I'll post at least one tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Those of you that followed up on what happened to "Palmy Beach" will know that this oone too is now in private collection in Sweden at a lovely American lady's home. I thought I'd better put it up as well. I thought I had but checking it out I realized that I had not.

And this should conclude the squirrels for a while.

Squirrel - Third Posture
Acrylics on wedged canvas 25x30cm
$ 100 /650 incl postage and pakking

hi again!

Today I had to go to town ( 1 hour drive each way) to get more canvas panels and paint and varnish etc and LOL naturally I ended up buying lots of other stuff in the art and crafts store.

This weekend including yesterday I spent getting my ebay selling up and running. It is still my first week of posting there but I can see I am getting better at bringing in hits. My first painting put up, sold on ebay and is now on its way to Athen, Greece. Two other paintings is on their way to Sweden. I will continue working on this and will probably create a store on ebay.

My next challenge will be to create direct links from paintings in this blog to auctions on ebay. That I do not know how to do. YET. Will find out soon.

Below are a two othersquirrels I painted last year. I do not seem to be able to decide whether to go for the squirrel or another animal as my favourite topic to develope further.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This is a sketch I did late last night as a practice for an idea I have for later. I would love to develope a figure that would be semireal and semicartoon. I have not decided yet what animal would be the basis for that figure but it is and idea I have been playing with for nearly two years. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the last squirrel posture painting done in the series. We'll see. After that I will need to spend quite a few days to study the head area of the squirrels and the rather long figure they have when moving around, but that might be after a break or in between other paintings.

Today I got a bad hit right in my eye on volleyball practice soI'll just have to see how that and my glasses function tomorrow.

Also in future I will inclued some WIP (works in progress) and a few sketches for those of you wanting to see more than the finished products.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another squirrel a bit different body and tail posture. I still go for a watercolour effect with the acryllics in the background.

Squirrel - second posture,
acrylics on canvas on wedged frame 25x30cm
Prize: $120 /770Nkr incl postage and handling

Saturday, January 13, 2007

hi again. I have been struggling with this one to get it as I wanted all day. I wanted a watercolour washed out effect in the background but changed my mind several times as to how it should be - how washed out etc. Anyway. I hope you like it.

I'll probably try to make a couple of squirrels more to explore different postures of its tail and similar.

Squirrel on Branch,

acrylics on canvas on wedged frame 25x30cm

Prize: $120 /770Nkr incl handling and postage

Last summer I bought a set fo metallic acrylic paints and tints and I have never used them. Today in this paint-all-weekend-from-morning-till- night- weekend I am having I wanted to start my day by playing a bit. Here is the result:

Metallic Landscape
acrylics on artist canvas panel 25x30cm
$60 /390Nkr incl postage and handling

Friday, January 12, 2007

It has been a while since I worked in acrylics so I wanted to do one tonight. The good thing about acrylic paint is that you can get an effect more similar for watercolours which was what I was looking for.

Blue Forest Floor, acrylics on canvas board 25x30cm

Prize: $120 /770Nkr incl. postage>

Felt like a small break from landscapes but not from my lovely blue colours. Now I look so much forward to a weekend totally dedicated to painting from earlyy morning untill far into the night.

Blue Abstract Landscape

Oil on preprimed artist canvas panel boards 18x24 cm

Prize: $100 /650Nkr incl postage

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I really need to get a tutor in how to get the photos better. This painting is one of my best and has a nice calm mood and the refelcitons in the water was meditation for me to make and later to watch.

Blue Winter series 8 - Relaxing Landscape in Blue
oil on preprimed artist canvas panel 18x24cm
Prize $100 + postage (no handling fee)

This is part of the image that met me when I walked from my car towards my door after work today. Due to climatic changes today was the first time this winter that the trees has been properly covered in a layer of snow.

I just had to take some photos and paing a few snow covered trees. Naturally nature is a better artist than me but I enjoyed painting it and that is the most important thing for me. I am not 100 % satisfied with it so I might try another one soon. Now I only look forward to the weekend because then I'm going to paint from morning untill late every day :-)))

Blue Winter series 7 - Trees Outside my Door

Oil on artist canvas panel boards 18x24cm.

SOLD and is now in art collection in Atens, Greece

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oil on artist canvas panel boards 24x30cm. Prize: $100 + postage

Another nice childfriendly image inspired by a children's colouring book :-)
Maybe something for the nursery or the children's room?