Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Looking out at sea one calm morning"
watercolour on watercolour paper
size A4
$ 30 p&p included

Today was a day of lots of snow, Half a meter ( 2 feet) was what was predicted and approximately what we got.

A customer of mine, Barbara, has asked me why I do not do more of my work in watercolours instead of in ink on shuen paper. The fact is that ink does not work as watercolours, ricepaper or shuen paper act totally differently from watercolour paper and oriental brushes the same. But I will practice some on watercolour paper this weekend. I am not all that happy about how these two mice in tree brances turned out because I ended up using the wrong techniques I felt on the wrong materials. LOL I have probably spent too much time painting on shuen and rice paper. Anyway, these two are dedicated Barbara.

Mouse on Tree branch 1
watercolour on watercolour paper
On its way to USA

Mouse on Tree Branch 2
watercolour on watercolour paper
On its way to usa

"Do I want to conquer all this snow"

My cats are not sure they want to go out into all this snow which s taller than them. I can understand that.

From my window today 1
From my windows 2