Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My son was kind enough to bring a cold into my house when he visited this weekend so today it is my turn to feel stuffed in the nose and unwell and have a runny nose.

But LOL nothing can stop me painting. I have painted almost every hour I can for the last weeks and tonight was no exception.

Delightful Bloom,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 18x24cm
$100 P&p worldwide is FREE

Update on bigger paintings
I have been working very hard looking into different styles and media and I am happy to tell you that I do believe I have something interesting to show you bit by bit over the next days and weeks.

Only problem with working on bigger canvases is that I definately need to find somewhere else to paint. Today I realised that my leather furnitures and cupboards and all kinds of things had got a taste of the oil paint.


blh said...

Artists are expected to sacrifice, so what are a few paint spatters? The flower is lovely!

blh said...

You do have my sympathy, but since I am not an artist and I have cats that do much worse damage than that in my house, I did not take your problem seriously enough. Perhaps you could put old sheets on things around your painting area and tape appropriately sized pieces of paper from an inexpensive, large roll of paper to walls, woodwork, etc. I apologize for not taking your problem seriously!

I do NOT apologize for my comment about the flower because it IS beautiful! It looks like it belongs in some undiscovered jungle that is filled with rare plants, flowers, and wildlife.

Trine said...

No need to appology. The middle of the living room is definately not the best place to paint large.

But LOL you are so right some sacrefices must be made. :-)