Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Today I have gotten a lovely start on art history unit 1 about art in prehistorical times, that is before writing.

These are the art objects I have studied today

Global Prehistory 30,000-500B.C.E.

1. Apollo 11 stones
2. Great Hall of Bulls
3. Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine
4. Running horned woman
5. Bushel with ibex motifs
6. Anthropomorphic stele
7. Jade Cong
8. Stonehenge
9. Ambum Stone
10. Tlatilco female figurine
11. Terracotta fragment (Lapita)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

EAAA is started this Christmas.

For years I have dreamed about studying art and doing my art not as a hobby when I am worn out by my full time job as a teacher as well as taking care of house and garden +++.

Every time I have seriously looked into doing it, at least for a time, I have ended up concluding that I cannot afford it, that is I can afford the classes but not quitting my job.

Every time I have ended up thinking I would have to do learn by myself and just attend shorter weekend classes or similar.

This Christmas struggling with a Cold, I founded EAAA (metaphotically) just for fun and started making a curriculum, a budget and a study plan for a year's study. This way I hope to make it feel important and make me prioritize it.

This far EAAA's study plan for January is as follows:

- Read "The story of Art" by E.H.Gomblich + History-of-Visual-Technology and follow the lectures that uses them in GPH-205  at DePaul University, Chicago by professor Jim Janossy Sr. (loverly person)


I will keep you updated.