Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I really wonder how this one would look with a professional broad mount and the right frame because to be frank, I think it turned out great even if I must say so myself. To be frank I am very unsure what to price them as so I'll just say - give me an offer LOL or give me some time to think.

Behind the Mask

Medium: Coloured Beeswax on cardstock card
size 7x9cm

Here are a couple more
coloured beeswax on cardstock

coloured beeswax on cardstock

Some Great News
Today I got a call asking me to be one of the guestwriters in the local weekly newspaper. I felt honored and accepted so now I am going to write one every 4th issue/week. When I asked when the deadline for the first one was she laughed silently and I realized they wanted me to start at once. Deadline is tomorrow at noon and when asked whether I took the challenge, I did :-) On Thursday that first one will be posted.


Anonymous said...


Blir spennende å lese (du fåen stikk til de som ikke vil ha kulturhus ;)

Anonymous said...

Det skulle stå - du får sende noen stikk...

Trine said...

Vi får se - vi får se hehehehe
Hvem er du?

blh said...

Many congratulations from one of your collectors!