Sunday, December 30, 2007

This painting makes me smile every time I see it. Roosters are so meant to be the morning birds waking us all up with its kykelikyyy and this one seems to walk around muttering to itself like a tru B-person early in the morning, eyes semiopened.

Rooster - I hate to get up in the morning
ink on shuen paper
paper is 23x34cm but there is extra empty space above and beneat the bird.
$50 p&p worldwide included

Today I finally got my butt out of the coach and working on posting on ebay. I have had such a bad concience about not using ebay for many many months which is very stupid considering that I have paid to have the store there all the time. Hopefully I will get into better habits in 2008. For now I have a major clear out during this new year week and post a lot on ebay. You might find a coup. For this new year period my shipping is also free on ebay.

Pair of Fush and Pair of shrimps,
ink on shuen paper
SOLD and left for California

Friday, December 28, 2007

One thing that is strange is that ofor weeks I stress around and my only wish is to have a couple of day where I can paint and paint and paint, but when I get those days . . . . .
As usual my body goes into sleep mode when I finally get a day or two with no program so maybe resting and doing nothing is important too. But it is sure annoying. I did this one for fun last night.

acrylics on acrylics paper

I have been having a pause from my acrylics but hoped to get started on them again this holiday so I have been playing around a bit today. It being christmas I have played mostly with reds and green. Below are a few of my first steps of something that might end up becoming something. Only time will tell. But first I'll show you my lady in red.

Lady in Red,
acrylics on acrylics paper
approximate size A5

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stormy Blue Waves,

acrylics on artist canvas panel

18x24 cm

$100 p&p worldide included

This painting is painted using the new acrylics paints I got from my daugher this Christmas.
As I am getting closer to a new year I find myself a bit "stormy" inside. What will the new year bring? Will I be up to its challenges? The scariest thing is whether I will be able finally to get the slim and healthy body I would like to have. Doing this painting a day thing is the easy part - that only takes dedication a few hours, getting that improved body takes dedication 24/7 week after week after week, month after month. I am very good for months on end and loose that weight in a healthy way then my life gets too stressed and I gain it all again in no time. Will 2008 be the year I manage not to loose the grip? I am so tired of struggling so hard to get the weight down and then get it all back on ( and sometimes a bit extra too). I do not much look forward to this very very long battle of the bulge. As some of you know I am for the rest of my life on metabolism medication due to low metabolism so there are no short cuts or magic diets or whatever for me, only lots of exercise and very lean and healthy living over a very long time.

SIGH. In many ways this journey has been like the waves, up and down again and again in stormy times.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Reindeers,
ink on shuen paper
Painted today Just for fun

As you can see my workplace is tidied away and the dinner table is back to its proper function. It is a very very heavy table so it is perfect as a working table because it is totally stable no matter how you push or lean on it.

OK, so the table was not laid out properly with everything in its rightful place - :-) but who cares? We were all enjoying the company as well as the food and drinks.
Today I wanted to show you a few photos so that you can get an idea about how the house looks inside and how my garden looks during Christmas. Not very much snow yet this year but enough to make the trees look good, don't you think?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Celebrating with my family today so I am posting a shrimp I did a couple of weeks ago.

Shrimp in Weed 2,
ink on shuen paper
size 13x17cm
$50 p&p worldwide included

Today was mostly spent getting ready for Christmas

Mouse Climbing Down,

ink on shuen paper



$50 p&p worldwide included

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sorting and tidying and cleaning - that has been what I have been doing today. I'll be done in good time this year I think. Now off to make some cookie dough

Before the Frost,
watercolour on watercolour paper
shown with a mount here.
size of painting A4
price unmounted $ 40 p&p worldwide included

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Among the Berries,

ink on shuen paper


$50 p&p worldwide included

Today has been a very productive day. We did the ususal end of term things at school and after that I have been starting the Christmas cleaning of the house. I am happy to inform you that I have been good and done a few of the less fun stuff LOL youi know under the bathtub and such . . . . . That feels great when done. This mouse I did a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I am too worn out to be able to create anything new tonight.


watercolour on watercolour paper

size : A5


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today I had promised to help a dear friend with a card for a lady at her job that they were making a present for. I had been thinking about what to do and ended up painting two florals in watercolours on watercolour papers sized A4. I pained in the center so that there would be space for them to put their signatures all around the painting.

Hibiscus for Torunn B,
watercolours on watercolour paper
size A4

Hollyhock, watercolours on watercolour paper A4

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is my dinnertable which is in the living room of my house where everything is and where everything goes on. I vary what I have out on the table with what medium I work in of course.

I must admit however that usually both that and the big coffetable beside the coach and every other surface of my living room is filled with materials, reference images, books, old newspapers to use under paper as well as for removing excess water from brushes, canvases, frames etc etc etc. I usually tidy up before weekends when my kids will be home and of course now towards Cristmas, my living room can not be my studio. :-).

Monday, December 17, 2007

I have been working very late tonight so no painting today. I will use the opurtunety to post a few I have made earlier instead.
ink on shuen paper
$30 p&p worldwide included
Dormouse Resting in Tree
ink on shuen paper

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I painted this one late last night and I must admit I do not feel very pretty at the moment. The time is nearly midnight and I still have lots to do before I go to bed. I am a teacher and due to the cold I have beens truggling with for a couple of weeks I got behind on all the paperwork that has to be done and 100 % correctly too. Amazing how one can feel like one has climbed a mountain LOL when one has done desk and computerwork all day. Off for avery hot shower now so hoefully my shoulders will handle a couple of hours more. I hope you will enjoy my latest eagle. To me it is a young female one but you might see something quite different.

I Feel Pretty
ink on shuen paper
size 23x34cm
$60 p&p worldwide included

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I hope you like my eagles. I am myself amazed by how different they all end up. Some look young, some old, some feminine some masculine, some happy some grumpy. This one I was very unsure what to call. I wondered about calling it " sulking" because I think "she" has such a teenage sulking expression. LOL

What Are You looking At?
ink on shuen paper
$60 p&p worldwide included with Intrenational Priority Mail ( 4-7 days from Norway to US normally)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Not the social person today. Instead of partying with my collegues on shrimps and beer I am now ready for bed early instead. ........... this cold.

Two Shrimps and waterlilies
ink on shuen paper


$30 p&p worldwide included

on its way to faraway places

Shrimp and waterlilies

Ink on shuen paper

$30 p&p worldwide included

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Same procedure as every year, James" . In all my desperation I keep reminding myself that yes, I ended up behind schedule this Desember too, but also that every year somehow we will be ready and all forms and grades filled out and everything will be ok. I must however admit I do desper a bit but that too is normal. Cross your fingers for me that this cold must leave soon.
Shrimp in Weed 1
ink on shuen paper
$30 p&p worldwide inluded.
Tomorrow my collegues and I have planned a shrimp and beer gettogether. I do not know whether I will feel well enough to attend even that. I did paint a few shrimps anyway thinking about it.
Three shrimps
ink on shuen paper
size 13x17cm
$30 p&p included

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Ready to Hunt,

ink on shuen paper


$ 50 p&p worldwide with Internati9onal Priorit mail included.

This eagle turned out very differently from the kind of shy looking one I posted yesterday. In fact this one has a very predatory look.

Below you will also se a photo of some figures that two of my students made in connection with an animation task. I love the details.

Tonight I did some Chrstmas baking :-) so now I have the cookies ready. The big challenge will be whether they will survive untill the 24th hehehehe.

Mean Looking Eagle,
ink on shuen paper
size: 13x17cm
$40 p&p worldwide included with International Priority Mail

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I love how these feathers turned out. I do believe it will look stunning in a broad black mount and a simple black or silver frame or in an oriental scroll. The personality that I think about when looking at this painting is of a young immature bird having jumped up on the top of some rocks or stones but who is relaly not feeling that on top of the world. You might of course see something quite different.

Unfortunately my cold continues to drain my energy.

Young and Unsure but Dreaming of Becoming King of the Hill,
ink on shuen paper
size 13x17cm
$50 p&p worldwide included
(International Priority mail, example; Norway-USA 4-7 days)

Monday, December 10, 2007

This weekend I have made another two of my early 2007 paintings ready to travel across the Atlantic. twice weekly visits to the postoffice has become a nice habit.

My cold has found a nice place to settle a couple of places in my lungs. At least that is how it feels. Got new astma meds but have not started using them yet. It has been awhile since I last used them and I did not want the heatbeat I use to get on them. Tomorrow I will have to start my day on them, that is for sure if I am to go to work which I probably will.

My son was home this weekend with my car but I ended up being nice again and the car left together with him tonight so I will have to walk to work tomorrow unless I get a lift with a collegue. I will see how I feel first.

Getting grading and commenting on end of term papers done has been pretty hard this weekend because the cold seemed to have worn me down more than I was prepared for. I am short of breath just by walking around doing normal stuff in the house.

Is it safe down there?,
ink on shuen paper
size: 13x17cm
$30 p & p worldwide with International Prioriy mail included. ( 4-7 days Norway-USA)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Today in contrast to yesterday where I got lots done has been a day where I have struggled with low energhy and what I have had has been used to blowing my nose and coughing. At last late today I was able to get some painting done. I did try to work on painting Tigers but feel that I did not succeed as well as I'd like to, so I guess there is only one thing to do - to paint 50 more until I get them right.
The eagle on the other hand I am very happy with.
Today I again had to go to the post office and send a pracel all the way from Little Norway to USA. This time it was to be a Christmas Present for a mum and very fitting it was the Rat mum painting. That means that in only the last weeks no less than three persons and 5 paintings has been sold as presents for people close to the buyer. I am deeply honored.
It looks like there is a pattern now and hopefully it will last. Crossing fingers.
Eagle - Don't Mess With Me
ink on shuen paper
$40 p&p worldwide included. International priority mail (4-7 days from Norway to USA)

Tiger 1
ink and watercolours on shuen paper
$ 15 all inclusive

Tiger 2
ink and watercolours on shuen paper
$20 all inclusive

Tiger 3
ink and watercolours on shuen paper
$30 all inclusive

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I painted this one last week. Tonight I have spent all evening and night tidying up and washing the house. The cold right after the exhibition meant that it was long overdue. It feels great thought when it is done. :-) Here is another one of my slightly cartoonish rodents.

All that for me - I Think I must sit down
ink on shuen paper
size: 13x17cm
p&p International Priority Mail worldwide included, (example: 4-7 days Norway-USA)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

ink on shuen paper
size: 12.5x17cm
$40 p&p worldwide included

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pleeease Mum,
ink on shuen paper
approx size: 12x15 cm
$40 p&p worldwide included
Bought by Emily in MA, USA to be given as a Christmas pressie.

Card 20


A5 ( folded A4 sheet)


"Three Flowers and a Butterfly"

ink on shuen paper mounted on bluee paper

actual painting 17x17cm


The flower is sent as a Cristmas pressie and is no longer for sale.

size: A5(folded A4)

price: $15 first one, next one $10

p&p worldwide included

Today I happily packed and sent away 5 of my paintings. I seem to be doing shipments once a week these days. This is beginning to be a habit hehehe which I very much enjoy.

I've been making more cards tonight both for demonstration purposes but also maybe to end up having 27 nice ones for Christmas ( number of students in my class). Not sure yet, maybe I'll go for more chirsmassy images.

sizes: folded A4 sheet which means that cardsize is A5
except for # 13-14 which are folded A5 => A6
Prices; $15 for first, 10 for additional