Friday, January 25, 2008

Deserted Forest,
medium: oil on canvas panel
size: 30x40cm


blh said...

This is another one of the artist's blue on blue paintings that I like so much, but the mood of this one is quite different to me from her other blue on blue paintings that I have seen. The winter forest with only snow around the bare trees seems mysterious and, perhaps, even eerie to me. The trees form an almost straight line on either side, seeming to create a manmade road or path through the forest. The aspect that I like most about the painting is that I wonder what is at the end of this road or path. I wonder if what awaits the traveler is good or is it bad, is it ugly or is it beautiful, or is it simply a dead end? This is an intriguing painting that I could stare at for quite a long time, providing my own answers to my own questions.

Showing Up for the Muse said...

I like this one as well- It captures me.

Trine said...

Like you have noticed, I like my painitngs to represent moods or feelings as well as subjects. Often the mood or emotion is more important for me to get to the viewer than the subject itself.