Monday, June 30, 2014

 It being the holidays, I dream and plan of travelling.

World Wanderer, acrylics on paper 21x30 $ 120
Under you can see how a potential use of coloured mount might work. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Every day in the news we see people fighting and killing their former neighbors in civil wars around the globe. Some people think it is natural that people from different etnical, political or religious backgrounds should fight each other.
Fortunately there is also wonderful change to the better in the news. Yesterday during the big Europride parade in Oslo, the capital of Norway, a large group of police joined the parade, not only to support any LGBT police officers but also as a way of symbolizing the massive change from only a few decades ago when they were criminalized and hunted by the police. Being gay was sometimes like a cat and mouse game with the police. Now the police states they are the protectors. 
Today's painting expresses my hope that even relationsships that look impossible can sometimes be possible.
Can we become friends? watercolour on paper 20x29cm $50

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gone Fishing,  watercolour on paper 20x29cm $50

Thursday, June 26, 2014

As I said in the last post, life can be particularly hard if you are a woman. If you do not have much value in yourself, then your function will only be in your connections; who your father or husband is or from the children you bear. Not producing the sons expected or losing the husband or a child then leaves only religion as something to seek for help or comfort.

Praying by Trees, watercolour on paper 20x29cm $100 p&h is free worldwide

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recently I have studied the situation for women in India. These days there are lots of demonstrations going on to try to do something about how especialle vulnerable women are treated. These include; poor, single, dadit (low cast/castless), divorced or widowed women. I have today chosen to focus on the widows.

Religious texts are used to give alibi to treating widows horrible. Even though the burning of widows has ended, in many areas and situations they are still considered only a financial burden. They are shunned because they are imagined to be bringers of bad luck. In contrast to Western tradition''s use of black for mourning, Indian widows wear white saries.

In interviews, they speak of becoming invisible, someone whom the society not wants to be seen, nearly a ghost because they are not supposed by tradition to have a life after the husbands death. Many end up as beggars. Their situation has inspired today's painting.

Widow in White, watercolour on paper 20x29cm $100 Free s/h worldwide.

Hurray, I have painted quite a few paintings the last week. Tomorrow I will take photos and start posting them.