Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long Seminar Day

Today everyone at my job had to travel to a nearby town to attend a seminar, the kind with a lectorer that gives 90 % jokes and 10 % advice in the self help, stay positive, be in charge of your own health motivational style. Even though much of it is obvious truths I must admit I do wish some of them had something new to say or a new twist on it or LOL at least tell some stories, quotes and jokes I have not heard before so that I would go home feeling I had something more with me home than when I arrived.

Yepp, LOL I am a cynic. Also many of us feel that we are always behind on lots of important things at school as well as on budgets that keep getting smaller so sometimes we do wish that we could spend the ton of money seminars like this costs on other things, but that is impossible because that are different posts on the budgets.

Anyway, the place was beautiful being a restored old bathing hotel from the times when the well off went to baths. (photo: View from the Terrase) Also the lunch buffet was very delicious so it was a good thing that I was on my high carb higc kcal day. Except from the dessert all of it was fairly healthy cooking with lots of lean and healthy fish and vegetable dishes and easy options between leaner and more high kcal sauces and sidedishes. The desserts however was of the high kcal delicious kind like chocolate mousse and cheese cake and such. In the end I spent my kcal for meal 2,3 and 4 while there and most of my carbs and kcals on the dessert table and on the warm newly baked bread they had.

It felt like an OK thing to do now that I am only 0.1kg from my first major goal and will very soon start my second 12 week program. I almost never drink wine or beer and never coffee and I stopped smoking some years ago. Enjoying a nice not neccessarily superhealthy meal with friends or family 1-2 times during each 12 week period I think is a wise thing to do if I am going to stay on a fairly strict meal plan for a year or maybe two.

Many programs like Body for Life and such even insists on planned "cheat meals or days" as necessary for a long term success. I agree to a certain extent with them but I do not like the term "cheat" because as a teacher it just makes me thing of dishonesty and people trying to grab advantages without doing the work. We as adults choose what to do and even if a choice might be bad is is not being dishonest. If I had lied and said I only ate whey and brocholi today that would have been dishonest - eating a small square of cheese cake and incorporating it into my food log is just a choice.

Also I think that the feeling of having had a treat or being slightly naughty might be a motivational force for me to be very active this weekend. LOL in the end I might end up burning more kcal than ever because every overweight person ARE taught deep into the bone marrow to feel guilty when eating anything besides superhealthy and low kcal. That unavoiding guilt ;-) can be used to motivate extra good workouts hehehe.