Sunday, March 21, 2010

I simply have to laugh's picture

Went out walking this morning to be able to do it before a threatening rain. Had to stop and return home after 25 minutes due to my no 4 toe complaining loudly. Remember I told you about that 4/5 of a nail hanging by a tread? I had put that nail back on top of the toes for protection untill my toe has had some more time making protective skin underneath it and it had kind of glued itself on top due to some blood underneath. I just left it like that and have not cut the tiny tread on one side that it hangs on with. This nail had got loose while I walked and kept digging a sharp corner into the next toe today. PEBBLES lol. Well, I have moved it back where it belonged and hope for another walk later today.

I am booked for a 1.5 h back/core workout tomorrow morning and an aerobics class at 6 p.m tomorrow night so I will only do walking today. I very much look forward to the last one because we will heat up the sauna and that heat will be lovely.

Today will be a day of sitting too much - tons of grading and preparing for parent teacher conferences to do so walking will be for limiting damages of sitting too much.