Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink Bird - Hatching Egg II ACEO
watercolour pencils
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I am so happy tonight because I was so not sure I would be able to do anything active today at all but I put on some trainers and went out. First 5 minutes I was still unsure about the whole thing but then I found a stretch of medium soft dirt road. It was dry enough to walk there with trainers but still wet and soft enough for my joints to sigh happily.. I started walking and went back and forth and back and forths and so on and son on . . . . after one hour I was able to borrow a big dog from one of the dog training people also on that stretch of road and even RUN for a couple of seconds at the time with it continuing to walk back and forth. LOL In the end I had been walking for 1 h 38 minutes. When I started I thought I might only end up being able to do 10-15 so you can imagine how happy I am with myself.

Tomorrow I will try to put on some borrowed skishoes and go cross country skiing. If that is not possible, I might do some rowing at the gym. It that too is impossible I will again walk back and forth on that piece of dirt road.