Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

As planned the whole school moved up to the near Alpine center today at Gautefall. I went cross country skiing myself all day, The first time in many years that I have done that for any length. Very sore now naturally.
In between skiing and sloloming the students enjoyed the wonderful weather, built a fire and grilled sausages.

Me, I kept to the flat tracks today. More challenging uphill and downhill slopes will have to wait for another time.

Also went for an hour's walking when I came home to try to avoid some of that stiffness.

Very happy about myself. The prepaid meal for us teachers went well too. A former student manned the kitchen and skipped the frites and made me a full plate of salat to go with the Leafsteak (kind of like a flat hamburger)instead. When home I have had boiled fish and shredded carrot. I have saved my carbs and might (not decided yet) spend them on a couple of small chocolate pieces to celebrate my skiing LOL.