Monday, March 15, 2010

Been Good Twice Today

's pictureStarted my day with the Back and Neck Training. And at 6p.m. I joined an aerobic group. That means I got two fairly similar sessions so I'll probably skip the first one at least on Mondays because the last one is more of a challenge. Also running to work on overtime in the morning is not a good option.

Anyway, I am fairly proud of my accomplisments today because my ancle was far from happy after the weekend's excesses. I felt really discouraged last night and this morning because I really really wanted to start on the aerobics today. In the end it worked. I put on tight support bandages and chose the pair of shoes that had the best ancle support and with a few adjustments it worked OK.

Ealrier today I also go an invitation to join another woman's walking trip so spring is fantastic in it that day by day more possibilities appear.

When leaving the Sports Hall, a woman approaced me asking me whether I would consider becoming the local Sports Union's Board as a secretary. I have nearly said yes. It is not much of an honor LOL because secretary and cashier are things that many are scared to say yes to.

My wish for tomorrow is for my ancle to be good again and making be able to go for a walk of at least an hour. Maybe a trip to the Gym for some strength training. Time will tell.

Also posted are a couple of photos from my walks this weekend as well as the roedeer that visited my garden at midnight. As you can see we have both winter and signs of spring approaching.