Saturday, March 20, 2010's picture

Had the choice of 3 different workouts today. at least. Cross country skiing, going to the gym and walking. Like Winnie the Pooh I do not like having to choose hehehe so I decided to do a Trine Special Winter Triathlon and I did.
*30 min cross country skiing (change into indoor shoes and a quick drive down to the gym)
* 20 min of rowing, 3500m (change back into wollen socks and back to the ski tracks) (gym closed early so no time for more)
* stretching
* 30 min of cross country skiing
* Stretching
* 30 min of walking
*25 min of cross country skiing
* 30 min walking (met a friend just starting her exercise so joined her)
* 30 min of walking

Total: 1h25min cross country skiing, 20 min rowing, 1h30min of walking.