Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tri-mv@online.no's pictureChecking out the workout section on FT, a fitness place online I have joined, I could not stick to my plan of having a rest day so I jumped into the car and drove to the Gym. Went crazy according to my pelvisregion and spent 60 minutes on the rowing machine (last personal best was 25 minutes. Had to do about 15 minutes of flexibility after that to release the muscles who shook quite much when I dragged myself off the machine. I knew however that I pushed myself a millimeter to the right side of the thin balance of the pain being a bad pain and a undangerous one.

From last week on my mental state has been one of wanting to break boundries and a willingness to take the pain that has and will follow. It is kind of overworking on purpose. I am not always in a phase where that is possible so LOL I do it when it is and while it lasts. Next week can be filled with weather triggering my joints not being willing so I just grab every day now when the risk of injury is low.

After the flexibility training I did 35 minutes of Strength training. I was a bit annoyed that my cold + holiday meant that I had to lower the weight on some and that some felt harder. Fortunately it usually only takes a couple of times for that to be back :-). I do want those numbers to get higher too soon.

BUT, running of to the gym on a seconds whim, I dropped half of meal 3 because I naturally did not want to be filled up right before exercising. I do not regret it because I feel very proud of myself at the moment and so does my grown daughter too and that too is an added bonus.

Looking forward to hopefully telling you all of more victories in the future even though I think it will take some time before I break that personal best in rowing. hehehe