Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday's Pebbles

Posting yesterday I posted only the bare numbers. The longer story is more about the pebbles in my way. There is a famours quote about it being the pebbles and not the mountains that makes us stumble and fall.

I had several of them yesterday so the victory was not that much the minutes but that I got them done.

LOL it started with me putting skies and poles into the car to drive to work for the ski shoes that I was to borrow. I could not find the ski poles which is either at my friends house 40 minutes drive away or at the Alpine center the school visited last Tuesday. Not giving in a packed one pair too small and one too long. After fetching the modern two layer shoes I drove to the ski tracks. I put on shoes and was ready to put on the skies. Then I realized that I had managed to bring with me and old pair with totally different bindings. Back home for the right skies. Coming back again I got the shoes into the bindings but they kept dropping off as soon as I kicked back. Fortunately my collegue had also given me the option of an old pair of shoes and they fit the bindings. The snow was so not the perfect kind or rather my skies did not have the perfect coating/lubrication underneath so I got kind of more than a workout than I had planned. The story did not end there. The inside sole of one of these old shoes had a standing up ridge in the middle. In the beginning I kept trying to straighten out my socks but it kept feeling wrong under my foot, then I found out what the problem was on my last 25 minutes skiing. I tried to straighten it out but the only thing to do is to put new soles into them.

When I finished my first skiing 30 minutes I ended up being caught up in a conversation by the car that I could not get out of politely so I had to stand there watching more and more of the few minutes left of the gym opening hours dwindling away. Stressed by this I hurried to get out of my skies and used my left foot to loosen up the bindings of my right foot. Wooops the ski took off, my feet went high up in the air and so did I before I landed on my back with a thud. Forunately there was some snow there to break my fall so all I got was a couple of minor bruises.

When I changed from my gym shoes back to the wollen socks and ski shoes after the rowing I realized why my little toe had been complaining lately. 4/5 of the nail hang in a bloody tread. I got some band aid and kept doing what I had planned. Now I was extra happy that the borrowed ski shoes were one size too big. ;-)

The point of telling all this is not to moan or to say poor me because I never felt that yesterday, just to say that I am proud that I did not quit, even though there were quite a few pebbles on my road towards fulfilling my plan of Trine's Triathlon yesterday. Conquering those pebbles which each could have tempted me to go home was the true victory yesterday.