Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pink Bird Biathlon ACEO



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Since my headache with the blurred vision have kept me hiding in dark corners for 3 days, I was very happy today that I managed 2 hours of walking in the snow today. Very much not motivated for the Gym in the cold but fantastically beautiful weather we have at the moment. Nearly minus 20 C at night but during the day when the sun has worked its magic some hours it is lovely to be active outdoors.

I tried to get quite a bit of incline and decline walking in and I could really feel it afterwards so walking in snow gives an extra challenge for assorted joints and bodyparts.

Walking there I enjoy watching the talented young persons practizing their biatlon skills. Maybe they will make Norway proud at the Olympics in 8 years? One can hope. Today's posted Pink Bird Painting is in honour of the women skiiers.

In Norway we have had a lot of controversy this week when the New Big Jump in Nolmenkollen opened and a man sneakily took some of the glory of the first official jumper who was to be a women.

Unfortunately the local sports shop does not have my size in the modern cross country skiing shoes so I have had to borrow a pair of the old fashioned ones from a collegue and will try tomorrow to see whether my joints will allow me to do some cross country skiiing. You know he ones with 3 holes in the sole LOL. Tuesday will be a whole day outdoors up at the nearest alpine center for the whole school.

It is a shame after tiny Norway with its tiny population (pr. 1.1.2010: 4 858 200 ) did so well at the Winter Olympic NOT to do some skiing sports so that is my challenge for the week. LOL. Had to brag a bit. . . .