Sunday, March 28, 2010

Started my day with a walk with my daughter. 1h10min where I also got her to time me running. Her feedback was that I run quite swiftly and with an OK form. 40 seconds at a time for now. One small step forward towards my goal of a body that will allow me to run for 2 minutes. It is not my endurance or breathing that stops me, but my hip joints and muscles stopping to obey my orders after about 30 seconds.

Then I ate a good meal and packed my backpack and my friend and I went for our planned hillwalk. about 7 km walking only upwards, the first 40 minutes fairly steep uphill walking at good brisk speed too, then walking the same way down again. The last half hour was slower as our muscles did not cooperate that willingly anymore. Also my feet was quite sore by now. We did not dare sit down as we had planned for fear of stiffening totally so only very short drinking breaks and we ate our mealbars and fruit while walking. Total of 3h20min effective walking.

Daily total is 4h30min which is much more than my goal of 2h+. Most of it was also challenging. WELL DONE ME!!!!! :-)