Sunday, March 14, 2010

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One of my long term goals or rather visions because that is very far ahead, is to pack a backpack and disappear into some mountain area for a week.

LOL getting there means that occationally I do have to stretch myself a bit which I have done this weekend. 3 h 38 minutes walking in the forest and up a couple of hills today. Fairly good speed and quite a bit of incline.

LOL not much below the waist are on speaking terms with me at the moment I must admit, but borders can not be moved unless crossed first.

After reaching my first major goal I am in a process of speeding things up a bit. Me increasing the amount of time spent each time as well as the speed when I do outdoor activities is one way of doing it. Another is me joining a trial session of aerobics tomorrow at 6. I really do not know whether my body will take it now. For one thing my balance is much worse now than the last time I did organized aerobics. I am hoping though. Variation is what will bring me to my next finish line.

At the moment I am in the process of changing to another online support system and can't wait to see all the helpful parts of it and get the support of my own personal online trainer.

Below and above are some of the photos I took. My focus today has been the small beautiful things on my way.