Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Started my day with a 1 hour walk by myself.

As I came home I got a sms from a friend who wanted to walk in the ski trail part that is quite a bit steep uphill and downhill in the rotten leftovers of snow we have now. I asked her if she wanted company and she was, so I changed into my BRAND NEW Ecco mountian hiking boots and off I went. Walking in that partly deep snow really made our calfs and thighs do a bit of extra work. Got a few blisters too since this were NEW hiking boots. Total time ended up being more than 2 hours. We had a lovely time and chatting we encouraged each other into doing every leg the way first and then the whole part again the other way hehehe.

Came home to find my daughter had arrived. Feet in water for a tad of care taking and then blister band aid on and running shoes on. Off we went for a walk that lasted more than 1 hour. Her having her youth and her long legs did of course not get as much of an workout out of it as I did trying to give it my best so that she would not think it WAY too slowly heheheh.

My body and especially my feet are complaining quite a bit now afterwards but I am happy that I did it because that makes this the third weekend in a row where I have pushed myself as far as feet and body have allowed me.

My daughter and I then had a very healthy meal together. All ideal foods. :-)

I had planned to do a couple of miniature runs (maybe 30 seconds) with my daughter timing me today but my feet and body were too sore by then. Maybe tomorrow?

What was great today is having someone to do the workout/walking together with. That makes a huge difference.

I am planning on having a great day tomorrow too. My daughter wants to drag me out and that other lady wants the two of us to do a longer trip walking up in the hills if possible. A long enough trip to plan for a small backpack with coffee and such. :-)