Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy in the Forest Today

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I struggled really hard today with my motivation for working out. Neither the treadmill or walking along slippery road sides was tempting after having walked along stunning buildings on ice free cobblestone streets or along the river in Prague for a week. I forced myself out and told myself I would walk at least 20 minutes. In the end i ended up walking on the prepared ski trails, some of it is also a lighted ski trail. It had been prepared with a width of 2-3 meters and was pretty firm so I could walk on the side without ruining anything for skiers.

I was able to double check with 2 of my students who do biathlon on quite a high level so that I felt sure that no skiers would come after me with an axe for walking on shoes along the tracks.

Being able to walk with only forest around me made all the difference today and I ended up being active for 2 hours before I went home and did some snow shovelling.

I am very dependent on physical as well as mental/visual variations to maintain maximum motivation. Exercising in nature gives me that variation. I use to tell myself "Nature never disappoints" because it has always something to show us.

Foodwise I am being a very good girl and I enjoyed tremendously my after workout meal which was chicken and wok vegs and 2 teaspoons of Tsatziki dressing. That made all the difference. :-). Hunger after exercise also is a great cook. As with exercise variation in taste is worth gold for me. I want to keep the enjoyment while eating healthy.