Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knees Complaining's picture

Knees have been complaining a bit today especially when walking up the stairs, but hopefully they will toughen up soon. That as well as my other muscles keep confirming that walking on loose snow really makes the muscles work very differently than walking on a firm surface for the foot to kick off from each step.

Walked 53 minutes outdoors.
Strength 30 minutes
Chest Press Machine: 1 12.00 12
Lat Pulldown: 1 33.00 12 2 33.00 5 3 26.00 5(not happy that I could not finish the sets I started)
Seated Cable Row 1 26.00 12 2 26.00 12 3 26.00 12 (did all 3 versions of the grip)
Leg Press 1 155.00 12 2 155.00 12

Food and water.
Content is good but I still tend to eat too little for the two first meals of the day.

Weather forecast is for nearly 2 weeks of colder weather as well as quite a bit of wind. I will certainly have to get out my longlegged, longsleeved superunderwear if I am to keep doing my walking outdoors.