Saturday, January 23, 2010

I can feel a difference's picture

I am happy to tell you that I noticed a difference in flexibility today. One of the everyday tasks that have been difficult for some time was easier today. It is such things that matter the most, that life in some small way becomes easier.

Sleep was interruptet 3 times last night but since I did not have to get up early I managed to catch up on some of the deficit which was one of my primary goals for today. Stress and lack of sleep are among the worst things to sabotage health projects so both are major priority areas for me.

That meant that I only managed to drop into the gym 30 minutes before closing time but having a bit of a lay in was so worth it. I spent those minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow I hope to do some walking outdoors as well as shovel some snow.

Foodwise I have made myself a Saturday treat today: A heathy version of Chicken Tikka Masala with wild rice. It tasted wonderfully and looked great

Tikka Masala, lazy persons recipe

100 g Thinly sliced carrots
100 g cut chinese cabbage
200 g chicken
100 g pinapple and juice
200 g Uncle Ben's Tikka Masala (jar)

200 g wild rice

Very satisfying both nutritionally as well as psycologically. Got it all: the meat, the fruit, the vegs and the starchy carbs. In addition both the sweet, the spicy and the creamy taste as well as looking visually good. Things like that do matter a lot when on food plans.

I had bought myself a new titanium covered frying pan so only 2 kcal of fat was added during the cooking. :-).