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Since the cold keeps holding its iron grip over the land, today will be a day of keeping myself and the house warm (to avoid possible damage to pipes and similar) and to eat soup. Soups are wonderful inventions when it comes to winter. Also I saw an interesting documentary some time ago exploring the well known belief that drinking lots of water before or during a meal had an inpact in connetion with diets and hunger. They showed that it had very little impact because the water simply went through the first part of the digestion. On the other hand if the water was part of soups people were able to go on without feeling hungry for a longer time. The soup was of the more blended kind not the type that looks like water with some vegs in them.

So I made soup: (15 servings of 200g)
kcal 38 Fat:0 Carbs: 6 Protein 1 (per serving)

1 pound of cabbage
1 pound of onions
1 pound of carrots
1 teaspoon of chopped garlic
1 5 g cube of veggie broth/bouillon
1 5 g cube of meat broth/bouillon
3 pounds/1.5 l of water

spices of choice

boil untill soft and blend (I love that stickmixer)

Then for 2-3 days I can add protein of choice and spices of choice to each serving. Personally I love finely chopped fresh chives or spring onions as one possibility. Freshly grounded pepper or pepper and garlic mixes also works wonderfully.

The basic taste is a little bland because I have not added any extra salt or pepper in addition to the cubes of bouillon. That is first of all because I want to use as little salt as possible, but also because that allows me total freedom in the variations I do with each serving.

Storeboughts soups, especially the creamed ones are so incredibly salty that I sometimes cringe. That they put so much salt in them annoys me because so many people need to have less intake of salt. Also it camuflages other tastes because it is so dominant. I am a busy person and would like to use prefabricated foods and at the same time be healthy. I would therefore be allowed to chose for myself how much salt I'd like in my food. Low salt content prefabricated food is hard to find. Almost everything has tons of salt in it. The same goes for spices. I love those peppermixes that comes in glasses with a built in mill in the lid from Santa Maria. The same goes for them. None comes in low or unsalted versions.

And that concludes today's grumble ;-) nodp