Friday, January 29, 2010's picture

Went to see the Physiotherapist today. LOL we both had to laugh when we found out that I had been on that waiting list since late September. I would of course have gotten an appointment earlier if it had been more of a crisis and if I had nagged a bit heheh. The good thing is that the arm is fairly good so I do not need that wavesomething treatment in the next town. :-)

She also gave me good advice on how to adjust some of my training to avoid triggering it to be a problem again. For example which of the 3 possibilities on the seated row machine would put the least strain on my problem areas.

I will also attend a back and neck special 2 hour long training on Monday and Friday mornings that she will be holding. She thinks that will be good for many of my different medical problems. :-). She also gave me some nice exercises to do with a training ball. Unfortunately the sports shop told me they would not get my new one in before Wednesday. The old one got slashed to shreds when one of my cats chased an other one and the first one landed on it with claws stretched out.

Went straight from the physio to the gym.
40 min on treadmill, speed 5.4, incline 2.5 maxHR: 144
15 min various strength

Off to the shops and returned home with several kilos of fresh vegs so I made creamed cauliflower soup (low fat naturally) and added shrimps to get the protein in. Soups are such comfort food for some reason and makes a nice treat at the end of a working week. I made a big pot so I can keep fetching new portions during tonight and tomorrow. While it cooked I did the most necessary of housework. All in all a good days work.