Thursday, January 21, 2010's picture

Sleep continues to be a problem. The least times my sleep has been interruptet this week is 3 times per night. That means that most night I get about 6 hours sleep and quite a bit of that is not deep, proper sleep but twisting and turning a bit in half sleep as well.

I think that is the reason why after an hour enjoying myself at the gym I suddenly felt so tired and had to end my visit prematurely. It could also be that the room was too warm. LOL I prefer to produce the heat myself in the gym.

I got in 35 min of treadmill, light cardio level HR: 130

Leg press 1x12x125kg, 1x12x135gk and 1x12x145kg
Lat pull down: 2x12x19kg 1x12x26kg 1x10x26kg
Tried chest press but had to give up today. Arm would not cooperate

I have had a bit of extra meetings and extra chores at work this week too. That too drains some energy.

Goal for tomorrow: Do something physical at the gym.