Sunday, January 24, 2010's picture

As planned I walked outdoors today since the Gym is closed on Sundays. I walked for 1h35min. Speed was not great but my muscles tell me that I got in a good workout nevertheless, probably due to the road's surface being snow so that it was partly like walking on sand. That means that the muscles has to work differently and harder, at least that is what my cramped toes told me hehehehe.

Being a very wise lady I chose to walk on a one way forest road. That means that I walk one way untill I start to feel that I have soon had enough LOL then I have no choice but to walk the whole way back hehehehe, no matter how much my toes cramp or how fed up I get. A great way to force myself to stretch an hour's walk into one and a half one.

The weather was a bit cold and windy so this was a walk with me looking like a mummy walking with a scarf twisted 3 times around my lower face.

All in all, I am very happy about today's activity this far.

Now I need to find some energy to evaluate and grade a huge stack of students' papers, wash some clothes and do a bit of house cleaning. SIGH.