Sunday, January 03, 2010

I have been writing today on my columns, and managed to complete two. Otherwise I have been focusing on being superhealthy foodwise today and getting down tons of water. I do wonder how well it will work from tomorrow on since I am back to work then. I find it a bit scary though how hard I find training these days. I woke up with a painful back this morning but it improved during the day. I know thing will improve in time, I have done this journey towards fitness several times in the past so I do know that it will get better. It is only now that I face the pain phase in the No pain, no gain rule. Once I get through that I know I will enjoy most kinds of exercises. I feel a coward, I do not want the pain. I want the gain without it. To be frank I'd rather be a bear and be in hibernation LOL.

Today's painting is not inspired by my New Year's Eve celebration because that was shamefully low in consumption of party liquids. My Pink Bird lady on the other hand . . .

ACEO Waking up to a New Year,
watercolours and ink